Yoga in Florence: The Best Centers in the City to Help you Find your Zen

Want to find or maintain your peace of mind abroad by doing some yoga in Florence Italy?
We've chosen the best Yoga Florence centers in Florence where you can relax and welcome the different energies from the Sun and Sky and peace of mind yoga gear...

Find new harmony with nature and its rhythms, during hot yoga Florence breath your body into...ok, understand. If you want to do some yoga in Florence Italy and you live in the historical center of the city, you cannot miss the Ricciardi Fitness centre.
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Palestra Ricciardi

Gym in Florence historical center
Palestra nel Centro di Firenze
Borgo Pinti, 75 (center zone) ph. 055 247 8444

Work out in a unique gym in the center of Florence [by Lauren Riggs - California]

Gym in Florence historical center :: perfect for international students! Not only is Palestra Ricciardi the oldest gym in the center of Florence, at 1,800 square meters it is the biggest as well!

Begun by body-building champion Tullio Ricciardi 56 years ago, it is now run by his daughter Lola and an attentive staff, including professional personal trainers, available to help you attain all of your fitness goals.

Palestra Ricciardi has proved itself as a tried and true establishment to its varied clientele for over fifty years and provides all of the latest equipment and décor to satisfy modern fitness needs.

Choose from a variety of cardio machines including stair, elyptical, treadmill, rowing and bike. Feel energized during your work out by the abundance of natural lighting provided by a multitude of skylights and windows while enjoying the central Florentine garden outside. You can catch up with the news on flat screen TV or if you need some extra energy, sport drinks, snacks and coffee available.

On top of hardwood floors, two mirrored exercise rooms for scheduled classes, one spinning room, several rooms for both machine and free weights, and dozens of cardio machines.

Palestra Ricciardi still adds to its unique ambience with quirky and athletic artwork. There is also a separate spinning room and rows of coded lockers available to store belongings. After a strenuous work-out one can relax in a sauna located in both the men's and women's fully equipped locker rooms.

Whether you prefer classes for a hard totalbody workout, stretching, step, pilates, yoga, hip hop, body sculpt, aerobic, zen shock, power pump, spinning, you have your pick from a packed schedule that runs all day long. You can even try capoeira, Brazilian fight dancing!

Palestra Ricciardi is open for business:
Monday through Friday 8.00 am to 10.00 pm
Saturday from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
Sunday from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm

You can experience Palestra Ricciardi for yourself and work off that pasta at 75 Borgo Pinti near the Museo Archeologico in the historical Center of Florence.

Scuola Iyengar Yoga

Official website
Via delle Ruote 49 | Tel. 055 480450
In the heart of Florence, teaching a special type of yoga developed by Indian master B.K.S. Iyengar.

It’s Yoga

Via dei Bardi, 21. Doorbell
One of our staff members goes here and LOVES it. She has practiced yoga in Los Angeles and other places in Italy and the U.S., and this is her favorite studio and style yet!

Located next to the Ponte Vecchio in a Renaissance palace, you practice ashtanga vinyasa yoga in a gorgeous frescoed room with high ceilings. The studio is new, and there are a lot of perks like lounge, yoga mats provided, tea and snacks, a terrace, bathroom and shower...

Classes are everyday (even weekends), are taught in English and Italian, and range from beginner to advanced, as well as yoga for children and yoga teacher training. On Saturdays, they have special guest yoga workshops.

The best part is the deals for students and new members! Make sure to ask about discounts!

Istituto Yoga Firenze

Official website

Via Giovanni Lanza, 65 | Tel. 331 1084 689 / 328 1726 224

Hatha and free style Yoga, Tai Ji Quan, meditation, philosophy and more.

Classes held Monday - Friday.

Yoga Firenze

Viale Volta, 127 or Piazza Santa Croce - Liceo Artistico Leon Battista Alberti Borgo Santa Croce | Tel. 347-8072000 / 33
Two studios, one in Santa Croce and one on Viale Volta (courses in Italian only), offer classes on Anukalana, Hatha, Parinama, AcroYoga, Pregnancy yoga, meditation, yoga teacher training, and seminars.

Druma Yoga

Official website
Via Luigi Lanzi 12 | Tel. 055 579370 | Mobile: 347 7234533 - 347 8070072
Yoga workshops and guest speakers on Sundays, yoga philosophy, yoga for children and teens, meditation. A very interesting program.

Yoga Garage

Official Website

Via dei Conti, 22R | Tel. 346 869 8803

Yoga Garage Firenze, a yoga centre and studio inside a beautiful historical Florentine building, offers a unique experience: yoga with a view of the Florence Dome.


Yoga in Centro - Sivananda Yoga Firenze

Official website
Via de' Marsili 1 | Tel. +39 055 230 2250 +39 328 966 0501
Offers courses in Italian and English, Monday-Friday, Beginner and Intermediate. Hatha, Yoga for your back, Gentle yoga, and meditation.

The founders

Swami Sivananda one of the greatest masters of modern times, is the spiritual strength behind the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres. Swami Vishnudevananda the founder of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres is a world-renowned authority on Hatha and Raja Yoga. He was also known as the "Flying Swami" for the numerous peace missions he accomplished around the world.

The 5 points
In this tradition, the essence of yoga is presented it in 5 universal principles for physical and mental health as well as spiritual growth:
Proper excercise
Proper breathing
Proper relaxation
Proper diet
Positive thinking and mediation

Francesca Folonari, is the main teacher at Sivananda Yoga Firenze, she practices yoga since 1992 and teaches since 2004. Before opening the Florence Centre in 2006 she was teaching and working as a volunteer (karma yogi) at the Sivananda Centre in London.

CLIP 2000

Official website
Via dei Benci, 20 al 1° piano | Tel. 0571.670238
Yoga and movement center, Bach Flowers, Wellness, Theater Therapy, Reiki Massage, Channelling, Chakra and much more.

Yoga Centro

Via de' Bardi, 5 (San Niccolò) | Tel. 055 234 2703
Situated in the delicious neighborhood of San Niccolò, this is the first yoga center in Florence and is the seat of the ITALO-INDIAN ASSOCIATION. Hatha Yoga, Raja yoga, Pranajama, and meditation are practiced here. To absolutely visit: the roof-garden.

Studio Yoga Maya

Official website
Via de Serragli 59 | Tel. +39 055 906 0107 | Mob. +39 338 828 9417
Studio yoga maya is located in the center of Florence in the Santo Spirito area. Group classes (max 10 people) or private, also for children starting from 5 years old. Please book the class before coming and bring your personal yoga mat.

Himalayan Yoga Institute Italia

Official website
Via Faentina 33/r - Firenze | Tel. +39 055 472 015
Very interesting website full of info, events, and materials (only in Italian). The center offers Prana, Hatha, yoga for kids, pregnancy yoga, dance yoga, Sanskrit and meditation

Istituto Yoga Moksha A.S.D.

Official website
Viale Europa 115 | Tel. 055 6287293 - 347 8617590
Hatha, Nidra, Yoga Philosophy, Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga Teacher training, Pilates, Axis Of Life, Tai Chi Chuan, Shiatsu and "Craniosacrali."

Istituto Iyengar Yoga Firenze |

 Online booking

Official website
CAMPO DI MARTE Via San Gervasio, 18 or NOVOLI Via Ulivelli, 31/R | 055 / 582821
Courses and workshops on Iyengar Yoga, the emphasis on proper alignment.