Apartments in Cagliari, Sardinia for Students and Vacationers

Who doesn’t dream about having a house in italy? Make your dream a reality by browsing our apartments in Cagliari in Sardinia for your next vacation or for you and your friends during a study abroad semester.

apartments in cagliari in Sardinia

This isn’t your typical tourist or student destination, but the island of Sardinia has so much to offer. An island full of nature, beaches with mesmerizing waters and a history to learn about. We have selected some wonderful apartments in Sardinia for you to choose from. With a view like Cagliari, there’s no way that accommodations in Sardinia could disappoint.

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Frequently asked question about Apartments in Cagliari

Cost of living in Cagliari

Cagliari is not a metropolis, it’s a typical city of the South, where you can do everything quietly, without the hurry of the northernmost areas. I mean, you can enjoy sea, food and the weather is wonderful. There is no better place to study or work in: the cost of living is not high. The prices of apartments for rent are low,  a two-room apartment in the center of Cagliari can cost 500 euros. Cheap, wouldn’t you say?
You aren’t sure? A meal in a cheap restaurant costs about 11 euros and the monthly season ticket for public transport costs only 33 euros.

How to find apartments for students in Cagliari?

University environment in Cagliari is quiet; students easily exchange information about exams, classes, city life and send each other tips. I mean, it won’t be difficult for you to find an accommodation in the Sardinian city. Take a look at our website to find an apartment or a room for your study stay in Sardinia.

How to find apartments for rent in Cagliari?

The best way to rent accommodation in Cagliari is to contact directly the apartments owners. On you can get in touch with different property managers. There is nothing easier, try it!

Who can rent apartments in Cagliari?

Everyone can rent an apartment in Cagliari: you must only be of age and provide the necessary documents.