Tennis in Florence

On this page, StudentsVille serves you up some tennis in Florence love, in style! So if you would like to play tennis in Florence StudentsVille has the right solution for you! We found you also the solution if you live outside from Florence and you look for some tennis Fiesole courts.

In this section, you can find the courts of Fiesole tennis situated and all the best sports clubs in Florence that can offer you one of the best tuscan tennis holiday Florence experiences!


Match Ball
Via della Massa Candeli
Ph. 055 631752

Circolo Tennis alle Cascine
Viale Visarno, 1
Ph. 055 354326

Campi Tennis Visarno
V.le Visarno Firenze
Ph. 055 332701

Fiesole Tennis
Via Pian di Mugnone Fiesole
Ph. 055 5541237

La Fiorita Sporting Club
Badia a Settimo
Ph. 055 790336

Castello Mediceo Tennis Club
Via delle Fonti Grassina
Ph. 055 641993

Circolo Tennis S. Quirichino
Via S. Quirichino, 8
Ph. 055 225687

Tennis Club Relais Certosa
Via Buca della Certosa, 1
Ph. 055 2047171

Tennis Michelangelo
V.le Michelangelo, 61
Ph. 055 6811880

Tennis Club Rifredi
Via Facibeni
Ph. 055 432552

Via dei Brozzi, 99
Ph. 055 375631

Circolo di Tennis
Via Scandicci Alto
Ph. 055 252696

Circolo del Tennis
Via della Robbia Impruneta
Ph. 055 2012111

Tennis San Marco Vecchio
Vc. San Marco Vecchio, 11
Ph. 055 577241

Zodiac Sport
Via A. Grandi, 2 Tavarnuzze
Ph. 055 2022847