Living in Milan

Living in Milan
The city of Fashion

What is it like to live in Milan?

Milano, Italy is not all business and fashion; Milan city centre contains a lot of things to visit such as their beautiful Cathedral. Milan tourism consists of travelers, study abroad students, weekend trippers and so many more. If you are looking for hotels in Milan city centre or another type of accommodation in Milan city centre, such as hostels and short or long term rentals, we have provided for you information and options on this page as well.

If you are a student coming to spend a substantial amount of time in Milan, we have also provided you with lists of movie theatres, gyms, shopping in Milan, Milan Weather and other universities throughout Milan. This way, you can jump right into getting to know your new city.

Otherwise, we also created a little guide/list of the things to do in Milan: you will get all the infos you need and you could answers to questions like "What is there to do in Milan in 2 days?", "What can you do in Milan?", "What should you not to miss in Milan?" or "What is Milan famous for food?".


Culture in Milan: Monuments, Museums, Tours

You can visit most the Milan Museum for free, on the first Sunday of the month. Milan’s municipal museums are free, over 60 museums and art galleries around the city. has made a guide that can make you easier to find the Milan museums and exhibitions that the city has to offer. The city of Milan has a wide selection of Milan Art Museum that you can choose from and a wonderful Photography Museo Milan is the first public museum of photography in Italy, from 2004, situated in Villa Ghirlanda in the historical center of Cinisello Balsamo. You can also find the Milan Science Museum that is the biggest science and technology museum in Italy and one of the most important in the world.

If you are an art lover has selected the most important Milan Contemporary Art Museum from which you can choose from and all the best things to do in Milan and all the advice to how to enjoy your visit in Milan even your trip is of a few days.

We have selected what should you not to miss in Milan.

Sport and Fitness: Gims, Running, Other Sports

If you are moving to Milan and would like to find a gym Milan located, has chosen the best gyms in Milan for you!  In this section you can find also gym Milan center city located that offer monthly memberships and also weekly offers and nearby the uptown palace Milan gym.  Just choose the best gym for you and boost your workout motivation! Stay active and get fit in Milan while having fun! Also we've prepared a list of the city’s Milano football club, yoga and dance studios where you can stay fit and have fun at the same time at the most important Sports club Milano city center located. Keep in mind that Milan is a financial and fashion centre city of Italy, but it is not a great running Milano city, it is full of traffic and poor air. Studentsville tried its best and found for you the best running Milano solutions for you! All you need is to put on your sneakers and start running a Milano route! So just wear a season appropriate outfit and discover one of the most fascinating sports in Milano and choose one of the routes of running Milano and discover the city having fun!

Bars and Wine

Once you’ve settled into the Milanese lifestyle, you’ll start to realize that one of the most important parts of life in the city is that of Aperitivo. So how are you going to know where to have an Aperitivo - always remember that usually they start at 7 pm and end for 10 pm - when you don’t know where to go yet. So that’s where we at StudentsVille come in, we’re going to give you a quick bars in Milan list to go through so you can know what places to bring up in conversation when deciding where to grab a drink.

There is a great selection of rooftop bars Milan, sports bar Milan, Irish bar Milan, and gay bars in Milan. Do keep in mind that Milan is a very open city to the LGBTQ community so unless you’re looking to go to an LGBTQ night, most bars in Milan are perfect for a quick drink.

So always keep in mind this list to find the best bars in Milan and if you like any of the bar Milan we suggest let us know!

Milan: a walkable city

Milan is a walkable city, the centre of the city is entirely walkable on foot: you can move around Milan by walking and public transportation only. If you wish to know how to get around the capital of Italian fashion, Studentsville staff give you all the infos.

Safety in Milan

All in all, it's a safe place. The main crime that could affect tourists in Milan is theft. The streets of Milan are very busy at night and it is relatively safe for visitors. Buses and trams travel all night, so there are almost always other people around. Anyway, don't miss our tips on Milan.

How to get around in Milan

How do you get around in Milan? Milan is a fairly easy city to get around because the historic centre is uniform and walkable and there is a large network of public transport that is easy to use: Metro, Buses, Trams. You can also find many Taxi stations all over the city.
Studentsville Staff has selected all the info you need to know about Transportation in Milan. Don't miss our guide.

From Duomo to Milan Central Station

From the central station Duomo of Milan is easily reachable on foot or by public transport: thirty minutes on foot and ten minutes by metro.

Ice-cream parlors in Milan

Italians invented ice cream and introduced it all over the world thanks to the work of the master ice cream makers who served the most important European courts during the Renaissance. In the last century, Italy regained its supremacy in the art of ice cream thanks to the industry. The Italian ice cream industry was in fact born in Milan at the dawn of the fifties and had the merit of taking ice cream everywhere.
So, in Milan there are many ice-cream parlors, you're spoiled for choice.
Studentsville Staff ha selected the best ones.


Cinemas & Theatres in Milan

We've also compiled a list of the cinema Milan city located where you can enjoy your evening adjusting to life abroad understand the importance of language immersion. There are come cinema in Milan where you can find English language cinema. Be sure to check each cinema Milan website as show times vary. Look for “v.o.” next to the showtime which means original version.

Clubs and Discos

Milan is the perfect city for endless nights, is the heart of the Italian fashion and of the Milan football club. Studentsville has selected the best clubs in Milan so when the sun goes down you can heat up your night! It is in the clubs in Milan is the best place to hear the breakfast club Milan editions! Here’s a list of the best clubs in Milan, Italy has to offer. All the places to listen to the best international DJs in the clubs Milan city situated and also rooftop lounges like the exclusive Armani privé and underground clubs in Milan. If you want to find out events and the Armani club Milan prices the best way is to like and follow their facebook page.

Eating Out in Milan

Now that you’ve decided on where to stay, you’re going to need some good recommendations when it comes to eating in Milano. Even if Milan is not the capital of Italian Cuisine, the city is well known for some classic dishes: Risotto alla Milanese, Cotoletta alla Milanese, Panettone and many others. 

Now where to eat in Milan Italy? That is a good question, here you’ll find a great selection of the best Italian restaurants in Milan, the best pasta in Milan, a list of Michelin star restaurants Milan — if you’re lucky also some affordable Michelin star restaurants Milan, if not to remember that it’s some of the best Michelin star Milan restaurants. We don’t just have the fancy restaurants Milan we also have a great number of places that won’t have you open a mortgage. Like one of the best restaurant Milano were you can find yourself eating cheap in Milano Trattorias, and also some of the best pizza restaurant in Milano (AKA Pizzeria). You’ll find more of these on our Blog side of StudentsVille.  So when you’re looking for a Milano Restaurant keep in mind the best restaurants in Milan 2019 that you can find here and on our blog. But if you’re looking for a Milano restaurant Menù you might have to check on their websites, or on location at least you’ll get a feel for the place.



Milan Events

You don’t know what to do in Milan? Do you want to know what’s on Milan this weekend? You’re in the right place at the right moment: StudentsVille is here to inform you about all the best Milan events today.

Cheap shopping

Milan has plenty of shops, of all kinds. It is a sort of land of shopaholics. So saving is the best way to spend all your money during the first day of your stay. Milan can be expensive but don't worry because there are many cheap shops where you can buy many things.


Milan Airport

Malpensa Airport  is located in the municipality of Ferno, in the province of Varese, in that part once the province of Milan, area of Upper Milan; it is the main airport managed by the municipality of Milan.


Weather in Milan

How is the weather like in Milan? Every season makes history in itself, and that's why we have written a detailed guide about weather in Milan.

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