Living in Naples

Living in Naples
"Sun City"

How is living in Naples?

There are so many things to do in Naples that personally, I wouldn’t know how to put them all in one page, that’s why we’re going to leave all of the Naples Museums, like the Naples Museum of Art, the Naples National Archaeological Museum, the Holocaust museum Naples, and the free museums in Naples Italy for another page for you to go through.

Culture: Monuments, Museums, Tours, Exhibitions and Fairs in Naples

Naples food culture isn’t the only Naples culture you’ll find, it also has millennia of history that you can see through all the Naples Monuments that are scattered across the city and its surroundings. Naples culture is something that is renown around the world, but sometimes the Naples museums are not promoted as much.

Naples: Eating Out

Eating in Naples isn’t only about Pizza, there is a culinary tradition that spans back a variety of cultures, and you can see that and taste that while you’re there for your studies. In this page, we’re going to look at the various places to eat in Naples, but we’re going to divide it in Pizzerie and Restaurants, cause the selection goes on and on and on. There are a variety of things to eat in Naples Italy, we’re talking about some main dishes in Naples that’ll make you gain so much weight, not because of the carb intake, but rather because they are sooo good.

Entertainment: Cinemas, Theater, Clubs and Discos

Today we’re going to give you a list of where you can find the best Cinemas in Naples, join in the Theater in Naples crowd - sending you to places like the San Carlo Theater Naples Italy one of the most important Theaters in Italy -  and a collection of Clubs in Naples (remember that in Italy clubs are called Discos)

Bars and Wine

Naples is renowned around the world for its food and beauty, but what goes better with all of that then a good drink and some of the best bars in Naples Italy?

Naples Events

If you want to discover all the best events in Naples, you have to read StudentsVille's staff list.

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