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What are the things I need to know in Pisa?

We know that everyone needs this information we created a Pisa Useful Information page just for you, because when you’re in a new city you’re always looking for what to do and how to have fun, but sometimes you need to know other useful information regarding where to find banks, where to find the police (hopefully not),  what you need to do regarding medical information and so on.


Pisa Consulates and embassies

Pisa not being the capitol of Tuscany doesn’t have many consulates and embassies, there is only one  actually and that is the Consulate of Montenegro, so that’s good for you if you’re in Pisa, if not you’re going to have to visit Florence or Livorno, that even though not being a capitol itself it’s a port city and makes it a better location for consulates.

Pisa Emergency numbers

In case remember that the EU emergency number is 112 - this means it’s valid in all of the EU, so when you’re visiting other countries that are member states remember that it’s valid - but Italy has three other emergency numbers 113 for the Police, 115 for the Fire Department, and 118 for the Ambulances and First Aid. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have a quicker response if you use the Italian numbers, but also use the EU one if you’re in need.

Pisa Travel to and From

Pisa is actually the most used airport in Tuscany, so you can get anywhere from and to Pisa. Just pick a date and get into Galileo Galilei, and if your final destination isn’t Pisa, but Florence you’ll find a great number of buses that’ll get you there in an hour.

Pisa Wash and Dry

There are a great number of Was and Dries in Pisa, you should check are a collection on this link so this way you’ll always have the directions to anyone that is closer to you, at least you can wait closer to home if that is the case.

Pisa Medical Information

Luckily in Pisa, you’ll find a great number of well-kept hospitals, being a very touristy city it also wants to make sure that all of its visitors are safe. Remember if you’re part of the EU you can just walk in and ask for medical help if you’re not you might need to have insurance, usually, they come to around 70 - 200 euros a person.

Pisa Bank and ATMs

You don’t need to worry about finding banks and Pisa ATM, cause as we were saying before, the city has so many visitors the last thing it wants is its visitors to not have money to spend within the city. You can find proper bank ATMs and also a collection Euronets that are usually closer to shops and main attractions, be careful though as these last ones have you pay a commission on top of your foreign commission.

Pisa Transportation

Pisa isn’t that big so you can walk everywhere, but hey if it’s a rainy day and you can’t be bothered to walk under the rain you can always hop on a CPT bus, that brings you all around the city. The bus fare comes to 1,80 per single fare, so keep that in mind when you’re about to get on and have to buy a ticket. If you can’t find a place to buy a ticket, you can always send a text to 4883882 with “PISA” and you’ll buy a ticket on your phone, but you need an Italian phone number to do that.

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