Torino Italy Useful Information: Getting to and from, Maps and more

If you are visiting Turin (or Torino), Italy’s first capital city, then it would be best to have Torino, Italy useful information readily available. You will find Tourist Info Points in Piazza Carlo Felice just near the main Porta Nuova railway station and one in Piazza Castello.

Here we have provided all the basic information you will need to know about the city, including types of transportation, where to wash and dry your clothes, emergency numbers and more.

Where to find your consulate in Turin:   

Depending on the country you are looking for, Turin is home to about 50 consulates and you can find them all here: Consulates in Turin. Unfortunately, they do not have a U.S. consulate, but you can find these in Milan (1 hour away by train) or Florence (2-3 hours by train).

  • Torino Italy Map: Download and print a map of Torino here: Torino Map

Torino Italy Emergency Numbers:

All cities in Italy are mostly safe, Turin is no exception: I mean, the crime rate is very low and you don’t have to worry thinking “Is Turin a safe city?” because nothing  bad can happen to you.

Even if we said that Turin is safe, don’t forget to memorize on your phone the emergency numbers:

General – 112     State Police – 113    Fire Station – 115  Medical Emergency – 118

Torino Italy ATM locations:  

You will find an ATM immediately at the airport or train stations if you are coming into Torino with any one of these forms of transportation. Otherwise, anytime you see a bank throughout the city center, there will be an ATM waiting for you. Look for the Intesa Sanpaolo S.P.A. (their main bank) signs, and you’ve found yourself an ATM.

Torino, Italy Transportation and more:

Torino is a fairly walkable city, and as a tourist, it is highly suggested that you explore the city this way in order to see and take everything in. However, in those times of need there are buses that run regularly: Torino Bus or of course a taxi service that you can call or visit online: Torino Taxi.

Torino Medical Information:

Looking for Hospitals in Torino? Of course, you can use the medical emergency number listed above if necessary, but we hope not. Otherwise, if you need some over the counter medicine such as cold meds, eye drops, rash cream, etc. you can visit any pharmacy that you see throughout the center. Just look for the lit up green cross, and the pharmacists there will be happy to assist you. For nights and holidays, call +39 011 5747 for doctors visits or go to the nearest hospital’s emergency room: Torino Hospitals with Map

Torino Italy Wash & Dry:

Keep in mind that most Italian apartments do not have a dryer, most however do have a washing machine. However, if you’d like to get it all done at once, head to the nearest laundromat. Torino is full of their own brand of laundromats open from 8AM to 10PM every day. Follow the link to find the one nearest to you: Lav@sciuga Turin – Self Service Laundromats

Torino Italy travel to and from:

To and from Torino – whether it be by car, train, bus or plane, click on the link for more specific directions.

Turin Apartments

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How to get to Juventus Stadium

If you’re a football fan, you’re probably want to visit Juventus Stadium. Don’t worry, you can find many Turin hotels near Juventus Stadium. How to get to the Stadium of the best Italian Serie A football team?

  • How to get to Juventus Stadium (Allianz Stadium) by public transport (bus and metro):

– Metro to Bernini + shuttle 9b (line 9b is in service from about two hours before the start of the match. The last departure from the stadium of line 9b takes place 45 minutes after the end of the match. On the return journey, line 9b continues to Porta Nuova station and Metro).
– Metro to Massaua + line 62 or VE1
– Lines 62, 72, 75, VE1 (active every day) and 9/ (active only on tender days)

  • How to get to Juventus Stadium (Allianz Stadium) by train
    You can reach the Juventus Stadium comfortably by train from all over the country. Once you arrive in Turin, from the Porta Nuova and Porta Susa stations you can then take the subway and stop at the Bernini station where the dedicated shuttles depart (9b).

Cost of living: is Turin expensive?

Don’t worry, living in Turin is considered cheaper than staying in other Italian cities (e.g. Milan, Rome): for example, cost of living index in Turin is 12.79% lower than in Milan. So if you’re asking “how much does it cost to live in Turin, Italy monthly?”, you’re in the right place. You have to know that renting a studio in the center of Turin costs around 400-500 € and healthcare is free, so you don’t need to pay for any private insurance plan. The average cost of food in Turin is 34 € per day, a basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district costs 12 €. If you want more details, read StudentsVille’s staff guide about the cost of living in Italy for international students.

From Torino to other Italian cities…

From Turin to Rome: is Turin near Rome? 

Travel time: 4 hours 30 mins

Turin is in the North of Italy but is well connected to all major Italian cities, with the high-speed train you can easily reach Milan, Genoa, Florence, etc. . Rome is no exception,  by taking Turin to Rome train in four and a half hours you can go from visiting the Egyptian Museum to admiring the Colosseum. So stop asking, “how far is Turin from Rome?”.

From Turin to Florence…

Travel time: 3 hours

If, after visiting Turin, you want to discover the beauties of Florence, known as the Cradle of the Renaissance, you have to take the high-speed Alta Velocità (AV) trains operated by Trenitalia that connects Turin’s Porta Nuova station with Florence’s Santa Maria Novella station. It takes only three hours.

If you know exactly how far is Turin from Florence, visit Trenitalia’s website.

Turin to Milan

Travel time: 45 mins

Is Turin near Milan? Yeah, of course, Turin and Milan are part of the so-called “triangolo industriale italiano” (Italian industrial triangle): Turin is the center of the Italian automotive industry, you’ve probably heard of FIAT; Milan is one of the International capitals of fashion. So they both represent the Italian way of doing business and are close to each other. If you’re asking “how far is Milan from Turin?”, you will be happy to know that “Turin to Milan” route is short, it takes 45 minutes by train.

Turin to Venice

Travel time: 3 hours 30 mins

If the royal beauty of Turin was not enough for you, you can always take a train to Venice, the floating city. If you’re asking “how far is Turin from Venice?”, you have to know that with the high speed Turin to Venice train, “alta velocità” in Italian, in three and a half hours you will be in Venice.

Turin airport

Near Turin Italy there is Torino-Caselle Airport, also called Sandro Pertini International Airport and previously called City of Turin Airport. It is an airport located in the territory of the municipalities of Caselle Torinese, San Francesco al Campo and San Maurizio Canavese, 16 km north of the Piedmontese capital. From Turin Airport you can take flights to many European cities: Turin to London flights, Turin to Manchester flights (Jet2). Once landed, you can easily find a Turin hotel near airport.

Find alternate Turin airports near TRN: here.


Turin for travellers: go skiing

If you’re wondering “is Turin near the Alps”, you have to know that Turin is a gateway to the mountains, is just a few kilometres from the mountains. So during the weekend if you’re a mountain lover, you can choose different day trips an go skiing near Turin: for example, you can book a transfer from Turin to Serre Chevalier. I mean, if you rent a car, it takes you only two hours to do the Turin to Serre Chevalier transfer.

Turin to Cervinia 

Travel time: 1 hour and 45 mins

Every Sunday and on public holidays you can take a Sadem bus leading you from Turin Corso Giulio Cesare to Breuil Cervinia: the best way to do the Turin to Cervinia transfer.

Sestriere and Bardonecchia 

Cavourese Turin Mobility Services offer a service called Ski Transfer, designed for those who arrive by plane in Turin and want to reach the ski resorts of the Milky Way or vice versa. It is the ideal solution for small groups of maximum 8 people. The destinations are:

  • from Turin to Bardonecchia (travel time: 5 hours and 32 mins )
  • from Turin to Sestriere (travel time: 5 hours and 37 mins)

More info: here.

Turin to Sauze d’oulx 

Travel time: 5 hours and 21 mins

At every hour of the day line sfm3 connects Turin to Oulx. So if you want to go skiing in Sauze d’oulx,  the train from Turin to Oulx is the best way, then you can rent a car o take a bus to move from Oulx to Sauze d’oulx (only 5 Km).

Turin to Champoluc

Travel time: 1 hour and 39 mins

Champoluc is one of the most famous Aosta Valley ski resorts, it is near Turin: only 170 km away. To get from Turin to Verres you take a train, then you can choose between a Savda bus  and renting a car.

Turin to Montgenèvre

Travel time: 1 hour and 23 mins

A stone’s throw from Italy, Montgenèvre combines the charm of a small mountain village with the opportunities offered by the largest international ski resort. To get from Turin to Oulx you can take a train, then there is the shuttle Oulx-Montgenèvre.

Turin to Tignes Transfer 

Travel time: 3 hours and 36 mins

Tignes is a beautiful French ski resort divided into three hamlets, Tignes Les Brévières at 1550 m, Tignes Les Boisses at 1850 m and Tignes 2100. It is possible to reach Tignes in about four hours, renting a car from Turin.

Turin to Val Thorens

Travel time: 3 hours and 19 mins

Val Thorens, located at an altitude of 2300m, is the highest ski resort in Europe. Val Thorens is gathered at the foot of the Aiguille de Péclet, a mountain that reaches 3600m.
To move from Turin to Val Thorens you can rent a car, in three hours you will be in Val Thorens’ ski resort.

Turin to Briançon

Travel time: 1 hours and 39 mins

Briançon, is a French municipality of 12,054 inhabitants located in the department of the High Alps. To get from Turin to Briançon you have to take a Trenitalia’s train and then the shuttle shuttle Oulx-Montgenèvre, Briançon stop.

From Turin to France…

Turin is located at the foot of the Alps. The border between Italy and France touches the Metropolitan City of Turin. So from Torino Porta Nuova Station you can take trains from Italy to France: for example, Turin to Nice train (five hours) or Turin to Paris train (nine hours).

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