Torino Italy Useful Information: Getting to and from, Maps and more

If you are visiting Turin (or Torino), Italy’s first capital city, then it would be best to have Torino, Italy useful information readily available. You will find Tourist Info Points in Piazza Carlo Felice just near the main Porta Nuova railway station and one in Piazza Castello.

Here we have provided all the basic information you will need to know about the city, including types of transportation, where to wash and dry your clothes, emergency numbers and more.

Where to find your consulate in Turin:   

Depending on the country you are looking for, Turin is home to about 50 consulates and you can find them all here: Consulates in Turin. Unfortunately, they do not have a U.S. consulate, but you can find these in Milan (1 hour away by train) or Florence (2-3 hours by train).

  • Torino Italy Map: Download and print a map of Torino here: Torino Map

Torino Italy Emergency Numbers:

General – 112     State Police – 113    Fire Station – 115  Medical Emergency – 118

Torino Italy ATM locations:  

You will find an ATM immediately at the airport or train stations if you are coming into Torino with any one of these forms of transportation. Otherwise, anytime you see a bank throughout the city center, there will be an ATM waiting for you. Look for the Intesa Sanpaolo S.P.A. (their main bank) signs, and you’ve found yourself an ATM.

Torino, Italy Transportation and more:

Torino is a fairly walkable city, and as a tourist, it is highly suggested that you explore the city this way in order to see and take everything in. However, in those times of need there are buses that run regularly: Torino Bus or of course a taxi service that you can call or visit online: Torino Taxi.

Torino Medical Information:

Looking for Hospitals in Torino? Of course, you can use the medical emergency number listed above if necessary, but we hope not. Otherwise, if you need some over the counter medicine such as cold meds, eye drops, rash cream, etc. you can visit any pharmacy that you see throughout the center. Just look for the lit up green cross, and the pharmacists there will be happy to assist you. For nights and holidays, call +39 011 5747 for doctors visits or go to the nearest hospital’s emergency room: Torino Hospitals with Map

Torino Italy Wash & Dry:

Keep in mind that most Italian apartments do not have a dryer, most however do have a washing machine. However, if you’d like to get it all done at once, head to the nearest laundromat. Torino is full of their own brand of laundromats open from 8AM to 10PM every day. Follow the link to find the one nearest to you: Lav@sciuga Turin – Self Service Laundromats

Torino Italy travel to and from:

To and from Torino – whether it be by car, train, bus or plane, click on the link for more specific directions.

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