Renting out a property in Italy

Many visitors, fascinated by Italy’s art, architecture and kaleidoscopic natural environment, return once and again to enjoy the ambiance, delicious food and wonderful wines. Yes, foreign travelers often fall in love with the Italian lifestyle and getting to know the country better, many start thinking about buying property in a place they particularly like, or in a sought-after location.

Real estate is, in fact, one of Italy’s most marvelous attractions. This because there are hundreds of truly splendid properties for sale, and the diversity is dazzling. Seductive seafront cottages on the Riviera, mountainside chalets in the Dolomites, dazzling apartments in the heart of Florence and Rome, heavenly farmhouses among the vineyards, and frescoed town houses in Venice. 

The range of opportunities is so extensive it can sweep you off your feet, and the amazing bonus is that...if you buy it and can’t relocate, or if you plan to come over for only a few weeks every year, you can be extra sure to profit by renting it out!

Investing in property in Italy is a win-win venture, because a good property in an attractive location will always and forever be eligible for rent. 

Yet, a prospective foreign purchaser and future landlord should bear in mind that the Italian real estate market has its very own “ways” and proceedings, and that these are sometimes difficult to grasp and master if one is not 100% familiar with local customs, on one side, and with standing law and bureaucracy on the other. Moreover, a non-Italian national who lives abroad and is not perfectly fluent in Italian might experience objective drawbacks - for example in negotiations, closing of deals, drawing up of due diligence reports etc. - due to both the language barrier and the physical distance. 

Truth be told, Italian legislation and the red tape implied in property purchase and management don’t make things easier… even Italians have a hard time getting through the somewhat cryptic maze of requirements and duties one must comply with, and not being fluent in Italian can lead to misunderstandings, or, worst case scenario, to unsuccessful or unprofitable deals.

Well, if one is here to invest, what one needs is to know the investment is going to be worth one’s time and money. Views and Prosecco aside, what a foreign buyer, and prospective owner, wants is to make a good deal, finalize it properly before a notary, in compliance with the full legal procedure, find dependable tenants and draw up advantageous lease agreements. 


Sounds easier said than done, right?

Yes, buying real estate in Italy and renting it out profitably presents a complex, challenging series of tasks for a foreign non-resident buyer to face alone, but it works like clockwork if one can rely on trustworthy expert support and service on-site.

Proficient in all matters related to real estate purchase and management - comprising, but by no means limited to, property law, tax consultancies, administrative issues, restoration and hospitality business management - our team of resourceful fluent English-speaking professionals provides comprehensive assistance in all that concerns property purchase, restoration and, in particular, rental management services. 

What we guarantee? Customized solutions devised to fit your needs, seamless operations, timely execution of every task, flawless compliance with Italian law and a successful outcome of each and every investment. To further prove our reliability, we charge following an unambiguous pre-defined percentage basis, providing each client with a bespoke project based on his/her specific requirements.

Committed to our clients’ full satisfaction, our agents, architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers and accountants leave no stone unturned to meet, and surpass, expectations. Insightful, ingenious and far-sighted we share our insight, and lead our discerning foreign clients through the mazes of Italian law, paperwork and building permits, and straight to their goal.

Endeavoring to expedite our client’s enterprises, we capably handle all the services needed to turn a real estate asset into a lucrative property, based on what each client wishes us to do. We can manage it all, enabling our client to solely reap the benefits, or handle only a few issues, should our client prefer dealing with the management, advertisement and agreements with tenants directly.


renting out property in italy


Our services: you name it, we’ll take care of it!

For instance, we can provide carefully studied solutions for the outfitting and furnishing of the house or apartment, to make it all the more attractive to the target clientele, be it tourists, students or families. And, we can advertise the property via cutting-edge photo books and videos ideated in-house by our creative technical department, and publish the asset on the most popular rental websites. 

Alongside the technical team on charge of advertisement, and our interior decorators and architects, our legal team works on drawing up the rental contracts, and we have fiscal experts and accountants ready to provide consultancy and assistance on matters concerning the property’s taxes.

When necessary, as established by standing Italian legislation, we manage the administrative, legal and bureaucratic requirements as concerns registration of the property and of the lease agreements with the local Revenue Agency, Annual Rental Income Statements (mandatory by Italian law) and are at our clients’ full disposal to represent their interests via a POA (Power of Attorney) act. 

Aiming to fulfil our clients’ requirements, we provide reliable pros to install utilities and safety measures, deal with maintenance and handle all that concerns the resident tenants, from rent payments to cleaning to assistance in emergencies. 

We provide detailed periodic reports in English on the state of the property, income, market trends etc.Why choose us? Because we are trustworthy, straightforward, and offer foreign clients the truly unique advantage of virtual property management. Specialized in handling a vast range  of different properties located throughout Italy via avant-garde software and ingeniously devised tools, we are among the very few in Italy to combine long-practiced skill and expertise with leading-edge technology.




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