Padua Useful Information: Where to find your Consulate, Emergency Numbers and more

Although this city is small and you can get to know it in just a short period of time just by walking around, it is important to have certain basic information when visiting for the first time. Hence the fact that we have put together some information for you in case of emergencies or if you need help getting around or to and from the city. For in person information check out: Tourist Info Points – Locations and Hours.

Padua Useful Information:

Where to find your Consulate in Padua:

If you are coming from the U.S., unfortunately you will not find the embassy or consulate here. If anything happens with your passport, you will have to go to Milan or Florence which are the two closest cities with consulates. If you find the right train, you can be in both Milan and Florence in just under 2 hours.

However, there are some consulates in Padova: Foreign Consulates in Padova.


Padua Emergency Numbers:

You can dial these at anytime, free of charge.

Police – 112

Fire Station – 115

Medical Emergencies – 118


Padua ATM Locations:

You will find ATMs all throughout the city wherever you find a bank. Most common banks include, Intesa SanPaolo SpA, Monte dei Paschi di Siena and Credem.


Padua Transportation and more:

By Foot – If you are looking to get around the city, as we have mentioned, it is small and easily seen by foot. Look at this Padua Map.

By Tour Bus – However, you have the choice to take the City Sightseeing Bus and use this as your transportation to get around the city. You can use it for the entire day for the price of one ticket.

By City Bus- You can use their bus system, as well, to get around the city. Check here, Bus and Tram Timetables and Routes, to see where the buses and trams go throughout the city.

By Car – if you have a car rental from another city and you are arriving in Padua, keep in mind that if your hotel doesn’t give you permission to enter the center with your car, then you will have to find parking outside of the ZTL lights.

By Plane – the nearest airport that you can fly into is the Marco Polo Venice Airport and is about a 50 min. bus ride to the center of Padua.

By Train – a super popular form of transportation here in Italy to get to another city. Padua is well connected with other major cities throughout Italy. For train times and routes look here: Rail Europe.