Piemonte houses: fascinating dwellings immersed in nature and elegance

25,300 square kilometers harboring dramatic mountain peaks and thick woods, sweeping hills, lush vineyards, lakes, handsome cities and charming towns. Piemonte, Italy’s second-largest region, is a land where sophistication, regality, and local excellence are innate and thriving. Unsurprisingly, Piedmont real estate offers splendid opportunities.

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Should you purchase real estate in Piedmont in 2023 – 2024?

Many a wine lover has daydreamed about owning one of the rolling vineyards for sale in Piedmont, Italy. But is Piedmont real estate a safe, savvy, and sound investment? That’s what potential investors, entrepreneurs, and families looking to relocate really want to know. Indeed, this beautiful region offers singular and remarkable attractions. Let’s look at these in detail.

Houses for sale in Piemonte, Italy: the allure of the Langhe

“Wine and Fine Dining to Rival Tuscany’s” stated journalist Lee Marshall on Condé Nast Traveler, in a lovely article published last March 10 that wonderfully showcases some features that make the southern parts of Piemonte, especially the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato areas, so special. Splendid historic villages, precious truffles, and spectacular wines are among the most renowned (and delicious) traits of the area.

Everyone wants a Langhe country house in Piemonte

Needless to say, such an abundance of beauty and flavor makes for a truly high-quality standard of life. Designated as World Heritage Site in 2014, these extensive hills have ever since become even more. The demand for villas, and vineyards for sale in this area of Piedmont, Italy is increasing by the day, said Piedmont real estate agent Angelika Smith-Aichbichler, in an interview with the New York Times, and it is mainly thanks to “higher-end investors looking for revenue-generating properties in the Unesco zone”.
Apparently, tycoon Kyle Krause’s purchase of an estate and vineyard back in 2016 set the scene for a market trend that doesn’t show signs of abating.

Who’s buying the vineyards for sale in Piedmont, Italy, and why

The foreign buyers most interested in Piedmont real estate opportunities are generally Scandinavians, Swiss, Dutch, German, North American and Belgian, according to the Piedmont real estate agents and brokers the New York Times spoke with.
Why do they choose to buy? Some to feed their desire for a personal vineyard, but the majority realize that the area’s touristic vocation guarantees long-term revenues.

Piedmont, Italy real estate: lakestruck buyers

Purchasing a home, or rather a luxury property somewhere along the shining banks of Lake Maggiore is another increasingly popular Piedmont real estate market trend reveals Piedmont real estate agent Patrizia Canale, Barnes International Realty, also interviewed by the New York Times. Here, one sees mostly Russians, Americans, Swiss and Germans investors. Again, some are attracted by the unquestionable loveliness, but the most far-sighted see the area’s important business junctures.

Tourism makes Piedmont, Italy a real estate opportunity

There are a variety of unbiased, substantial reasons that support the interest of Italian and foreign investors in houses for sale in Piemonte, Italy. First and foremost, the region’s appeal to tourists: buying property in the hills, on the lakes, or in the mountains of Piedmont to set up a hospitality business, or even just to rent it out as a vacation home, is bound to be an excellent investment.

Major tourist attractions in Piemonte

Richness and diversity are Piemonte’s forte. The Langhe, Roero and Monferrato hillside are at once the birthplace of some of the world’s most celebrated wines, the land of the Slow Food Movement, and the area of Italy that houses the most Michelin-star restaurants (20+). During truffle season, throngs of visitors fill the local trattorias to savor the precious tuber, and history fans explore the Castle of Grinzane Cavour and Medieval villages all year round. Turin, an ever-fascinating city filled with extraordinary museums, boutiques, and more, is an intriguing destination for cultural-focused travelers and families.

Summer and wintertime favorites

In the summer, Italian and foreign vacationers travel to Lake Maggiore, its delightful towns – Stresa, Verbania, Baveno etc. – and evocative islands, to enjoy la dolce vita and a refined atmosphere. Here, and in many other spots like the Valle di Susa and Biella and Cuneo valleys, a pristine natural environment and well-groomed bike routes, golf courses, and hiking paths provide sports fans with plenty of options. In wintertime, Piemonte’s mountains become a fairy tale destination for skiers, snowboarders and skaters. Offering 1.243 km of slopes, serviced by 269 lifts and cable ways, the Piedmont peaks include fabled resorts like Sestriere, Monterosa, Valle di Susa, and Bardonecchia.

Should you purchase a house for sale in Piemonte to rent or set up a hospitality business in 2023-2024?

Appeal aside, what an investor needs to know is if tourism flows are consistent, and purchasing a house for sale in Piemonte. Those considering buying real estate in Piedmont Italy in view of renting it out or setting up a B&B or vacation facility should be aware that all travel trend surveys confirm promising tourist flows. The data on 2021 tourism published by the Piedmont region shows overnight stays clearly on the rise: +62% between July and December 2021, and August figures that confirm how Italians are now choosing holidays in Piedmont holiday resorts over those abroad.

Piemonte houses: the region’s festivals

Countless Italians and foreigners visit Piemonte to partake in its traditions by attending one of the events the region hosts. During the summer, the Monforte D’Alba in Jazz Festival yearly lures hundreds of music fans from everywhere in the world, as do the Bra Slow Food Cheese Festival in September and the International Alba White Truffle Fair, the most famous of all. and there are many fascinating traditional-historic festivals, including the Festival dei Festival and the Palio, both in Asti.

Festival-goers often seek short-term rent of a house in Turin

Speaking about festivals, Piedmont’s capital hosts two remarkable events, to attend which many choose to rent a house in Turin. One is the city’s world-famous Film Festival, which draws filmmakers, artists, directors, and connoisseurs from all over the world, the other is the Turin Chocolate Festival, where chocolate fans can enjoy more than their share.

Why buy a house in Turin in 2023-2024

Short-term vacation rentals aside, Turin is an extensive and thriving city with a lively housing rental market. People who do business in town also often choose to rent, even long-term, hence buying a house in Turin with the aim of reaping the advantages of ownership is definitely a potentially fruitful enterprise.

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Piedmont real estate and higher education

Piemonte houses are also attractive, and lucrative, because the region hosts several universities. The University, and the Politecnico, in Turin, plus other learning hubs such as the School of Gastronomy and Wine Bank at Pollenzo Castle, are attended by hundreds of foreign and Italian students. Students, teachers and researchers often rent a house in Turin, or Bra, or Asti etc. This cultural richness also implies that by purchasing a house for sale in Piedmont, a foreign buyer can give his or her family a better future by allowing them to access higher education.

Piedmont real estate prices: the current scenario

But how much do Piemonte houses actually cost? Looking at the latest data published by Immobiliare.it is by far the best way to get a clear and exhaustive picture of the average costs of Piedmont Italy real estate for sale. As of March 2022, the average price for residential properties in Piedmont was €1.333 per square meter, showing a decrease of 2.42% compared to March 2021, when it was €1.366 per square meter. The highest price per square meter, on average, recorded last March was in the Verbania province, €1.741, while the lowest was in Biella, €605.

The Next Generation EU program and Piedmont real estate

One important factor that prospective buyers will want to keep in mind when deciding what areas to focus on to buy a house for sale in Piemonte, is that many provinces will derive multiple benefits from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (the funds provided for by the Next Generation EU program). Specifically, the program in Piedmont provides for 79 urban redevelopment projects, focused on implementation, quality of urban decorum and enhancement of the social and natural environment. The municipalities involved are: Turin, Asti, Biella, Vercelli, Verbania, Acqui Terme, Alessandria, Casale Monferrato, Novi Ligure, Valenza Po, Novara, Borgomanero, Carmagnola, Chieri, Giaveno, Ivrea, Pinerolo, Alba, Bra, Mondovì, Saluzzo.

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