Living in Venice

Living in Venice
The Queen of the Adriatic


What is it like to live in Venice?

Venice is best known for for its Carnival and its Venetian masks, for its beautiful palaces and monuments, for its gondolas or Vaporetti. Whether you are visiting for a week or staying for a year in this beautiful city, we want to give you everything that you need to know to really live this city. Below you will find our picks for top restaurants (for every budget), top places to get a good drink, the cost of living in Venice Italy, rainy day suggestions (think cozy movie theaters), the top places you need to visit to grasp the history of this world famous city and top accommodation in Venice ( if you're looking for cheap hotels in Venice Italy in the city centre enjoy our accommodation app).

Time in a new city, or country even, should be spent enjoying yourself. You deserve it!

living in venice

Culture in Venice

If you are planning to visit Venice, you might want to be prepared with a bit of knowledge about the Venice culture and what to do in Venice. This is exactly why we have created this small Venice guide to help your time spent here go as smoothly as possible. Now, through some of our suggestions, you can start mapping out your itinerary. For example, discover our tips about "Venice what to do evening" reading our guide, Venice holidays what to do.


Bars and Wine in Venice

If you are looking for a crazy nightlife, then Venice is not your city. The city thrives off of their amazing bars in Venice for a great aperitivo and a good atmosphere. Sure, some bars in Venice open late, so you will still have your night out but don’t expect dancing until the wee hours of the morning. That’s the beauty of Venice bars Italy; you will find good quality with good vibes.

Best time to visit Venice

If you are planning to go to Venice and you want to know the best possible time, read our guide made by Studentsville's Staff.

Entertainment in Venice

When the day is coming to an end and you want to break away from the tourist destinations, there is a nightlife in Venice that includes movies, theatres and nightclubs. And while Venice has less options than most cities when it comes to movie theatres and nightclubs, we have put together a list of those we think you should hit if you want to switch it up for the night. Discover our guide: Venice what to do night. 

Eating Out in Venice

Is eating out in Venice expensive? The rumors are true. Eating out in Venice can be very expensive but fortunately for you we have made a “Venice Eating Out Guide” that combines not only the best restaurants in Venice, but also offers choices for those eating out in Venice on a budget.

Apartments for rent in Venice Italy

Planning to visit italy ? Looking for apartments in Venice with canal view or spacious apartments with splendid living room, large entrance in central position with large window? Check our beautiful apartments for rent in Venice Italy.

Venice Events

Do you want to know what’s happening in Venice on this weekend? StudentsVille Staff is here to inform you about all the best upcoming events in Venice. If you don't know what to do in Venice for one night, read our guide.

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