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What are the things I need to know in Sassari?

When in a new city you want to know where all of the POIs are and we have a lot of different pages for food and drink, but what about where to find the basic utilities you might need when in a foreign country? That’s where this Sassari Useful Information page comes into play. Where can you find the consulates, the banks, what is the transportation system like and where to find the best laundromats in the city.

Sassari useful info

Sassari Consulates and embassies

Because Sassari isn’t the capital of Sardegna, you won’t find many consulates in the city. Lucky enough for you if you are from France or Senegal, you’ll find these two consulates very close to each other, right behind the University. But if you need other consulates you’re going to have to go down to Cagliari, or if you need an embassy you’ll have to go to Rome.

Sassari Emergency Numbers

We hope you don’t need to use any of the following numbers when studying, or visiting Italy, but just in case we want you to have them. If you call 112 you’ll be directed to the EU emergency number, this is good to know if you are anywhere in the European Union. If you need a specific service though, you can call 113 for the police, 115 for the Fire department, and 118 for first aid.

Sassari Travel to and From

As I was saying traveling to Sassari from the airport is pretty cheap, plus it is one of the biggest airports on the Island, so you’ll be able to find all of the flights to there pretty easily from all the major European cities, worst comes to worst you can fly into a bigger Italian city and transfer from there.

Sassari wash and Dry

There aren’t many Self Service wash and dries in the city of Sassari, but we have a Sassari Map of all of the cities laundries and the only wash and dry there is, that is a bit out of hand compared to the city center.

Sassari Medical Information

Another topic we hope you won’t be having to look into when visiting, even though it doesn’t mean you’re in critical conditions, is Medical Information cause no one want s to be sick when they aren’t home. Anyway with Sassari being one of the most populous areas in Sardegna you’ll find a lot of hospitals that cater to you. If you’re an EU member you won’t need any insurance, but if you aren't looking into getting some health insurance while here, they usually cost around 70-200 euro.

Sassari Bank & Sassari ATM

Keep in mind that you aren’t in a metropolis for Italian standards, so you won’t find many international banks here, except for a couple Deutsche Banks - one on Via Roma, 34 and the other on Via Cagliari, 2/a. Luckily you’ll find a great deal of Banco di Sardegna, Carige, and Unicredit that are all proper banks that will only charge you foreign fee transactions.

Sassari Transportation

Travel around the city is pretty cheap compared to other Italian Cities, simple fare costs as little as 1,30€ on the ATP buses. Don’t worry if you forget to buy it, cause you can always buy one on the bus from the driver for 1,80€. Plus, the bus that brings you from the airport to the city center only costs about 3,10€.

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