Eurosender is a modern digital platform that provides instant access to global shipping services and uses pricing and servicetechnology to identify the best service for each shipping demand.

We offer efficient combinations of transport to meet the demand of mobile people, from students studying abroad andexpats relocating to a new country to businesses with foreign partners and clients.

Eurosender allows you to ship your luggage or package in a budget-friendly and convenient wayto or from Italy or any other country. Get yourextra 10% discount!


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Make your move

Moving abroad is a big decision, and organising it can cause a lot of trouble. From finding the best option for moving your things from one country to another to packing your whole life into cardboard boxes – relocation is definitely not easy.

Eurosender realises that organising your move to a foreign country can be a life-changing experience, that is why they offer low rates and constant support in order to ease the process for you. Eurosender has already helped over 300.000 expats and Erasmus students to relocate and embark on their new adventures.


This way, you are not limited to only ordering a package from your loved ones when you feel homesick, you can also plan your next move with them. Their team of experts is prepared to assist you in every step of your relocation.


Know your options

Traveling with your belongings may be challenging, and even though shipping them is definitely more convenient – it still comes with a price tag. Luckily, Eurosender has got you covered.

In order to avoid the high costs, Eurosender does their research and they select the most affordable logistics company offering quality shipping services for expatsand studentsin Italy. Their shipping experts will inform you about your options, from choosing the right service, packing your items and insuring your packages, to sending them ahead.


What can you expect from Eurosender?

Apart from maintaining a simple and seamless booking system for shipping services for expats, they simply:

  • Help you cut costs and save on the time needed to compare and identify the best shipping rates and the most reliable logistics providers.
  • Offer the same shipping rates and fast quotations, no matter how much or how often you decide to send your belongings ahead – without any contracts or booking fees.
  • Organise your pick-up and delivery door-to-door.
  • Provide you with the appropriate online tracking tools.
  • Guide you through the whole process and act on your behalf in any interaction with the logistics providers. And, you can chat with them online, anytime!



Take it easy

From now on, you do not have to compromise on the number of suitcases you want to take when moving abroad. Eurosender can make it easy for you and arrange your relocation, offering low rates for shipping services for expats and constant support.

But that’s not all. As an expat, you would probably like to stay connected to home, no matter how far that might be. Thanks to Eurosender, you can now receive a little piece of home, as well as surprise your loved ones with an unexpected gift from abroad.


Join thousands of expats who chose Eurosender and relocated easily!

For information and advice, visit the Eurosender website and blog


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