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There’s a fascinating village-like neighborhood in Rome. It’s called Rione Monti and features all the “Great Beauty” icons: honey-colored buildings, period cobblestone streets, and ivy-clad walls. Tucked away between the Colosseum, Santa Maria Maggiore, and Piazza Venezia, yet still, strangely enough, somewhat off-the-beaten-tourist-track it boasts a distinctive blend of old-world charm, bohemian ambiance, and trendy vibe. 

In Monti, Rome’s singular seductiveness is enriched by cool cafés, vintage shops, unconventional boutiques, innovative bistros, and a cutting-edge language school: Kappa Italian Language School in Rome.

The Kappa Italian Language School is a pioneering learning hub perfectly suited to this up-and-coming neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere. Counting ten years of experience, and innumerable former pupils happily chattering away in fluent Italian, Kappa specializes in providing students from all over the world with a manifold range of opportunities to learn the Italian language and immerse themselves in the Great Beauty.

Reaching out to students, sharing knowledge and insight in a fun, engaging way, and meeting their distinctive requirements is what Kappa is all about, and the school’s faculty leaves no stone unturned to address the needs of each and every pupil. 

“Teaching a language is an act of love: to us, teaching Italian, means discovering this Great hidden Beauty. Every day, we find this beauty in every single word our students learn.” This is what one reads on the Kappa website, and indeed commitment and dedication, alongside proficiency, are what make this school’s faculty and staff special. 

The diversity of study programs and learning experiences offered is nothing short of incredible. With an extensive selection of on-campus and online study programs, an admirably well-crafted blog, and downloadable exercises regularly updated on the school website, Kappa provides all those who want to learn Italian with the chance to master, practice, and perfect their written and oral skills wherever, and whenever, they please. 

The teaching methods used at Kappa are based on modern communicative and situational language needs, and focused on students’ talents and abilities; at the end of the selected study program, students may take the PLIDA certification exam and thus add their foreign language proficiency to their CV and/or obtain a long-term stay permit.

As regards classic Italian language courses, Kappa study programs are virtually countless and comprise both resident courses and online learning opportunities. 

Those who choose to spend time in Rome, for study purposes or on business, can take their pick among a range of on-campus classes offered in the school’s Via del Boschetto headquarters. Options include private and group classes, standard and intensive Italian language courses, evening courses, and innovative study programs especially devised for special needs. In fact, Kappa offers the option to create study groups, to practice speaking the language with fellow pupils, and flexible Italian language courses designed for students who wish to enjoy long-term learning experiences and provide the option to decide how many classes one wishes to attend in total, and how many per week. 

On-campus courses also comprise a very sought-after course crafted on the needs of those who wish, or need, to obtain a study visa. By enrolling in the “Italiano per il visto” course, students can easily apply for a study visa for Italy. The course lasts a minimum of 6 months and entails 4 hours of Italian language class per day, 5 days a week.

The variety and diversity of learning solutions offered, along with the dynamic, friendly teaching staff, small-sized classes (between 3 and 7 students), and warm and welcoming ambiance are among Kappa’s main assets, but online learning opportunities are by no means less enticing.

Designed to bring the magic of Italy, and the musicality of the Italian language, to as many students as possible all over the world, Kappa online class options comprise standard courses, evening courses, flexible courses, and flexible evening courses as well as conversation courses, and private lessons. 

But the school’s dynamic, forward-thinking teachers have gone one step further. Aiming to make learning Italian easier, quicker, and more entertaining, they’ve created a brilliant blog and a page dedicated to exercises. The Kappa Language School Blog features a variety of articles focused on specific aspects of the Italian language, often enhanced by masterfully crafted infographics, alongside videos, and featured content about Italian culture. The Exercise Page is just as intriguing: you can take the single exercises for free, online, or purchase the whole packet for just €20 and have a valuable pdf exercise workbook to use throughout your entire learning experience!

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