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Looking for property to rent in Padova? Padua is a city that probably does not come to mind instantly when you think about Italy. It is an underrated city, that actually offers so much. It is rich in history and aesthetically beautiful.

Besides that, for tourists, it’s located closely to Venice, making for a great day trip and for students, it offers many programs for those looking to study abroad in Italy.

So, the next matter of business is finding a Padua accommodation. If you are looking for something other than a hotel that will make you feel more at home, then our list of Padua apartments is just for you.

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To rent in Padua is not difficult, as it is a small city and easily walkable. You won’t find much trouble on deciding where to live based on location, as everything is nearby. We have compiled a list of apartments in Padua and houses for rent for both students and travelers, long term rentals in Padua Italy or accommodation in Padua for short time. 

Here at StudentsVille we make it our goal to be your best reference when it comes to finding the right accommodation for you in Italy.

From North to South, short to long term rentals, single rooms, apartments for students and apartments for travelers, we are here to help you find the ideal apartment and we are sure you will not be disappointed in what you find.


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Frequently asked question about Apartments in Padua

Holiday Apartments in Padua: average prices

Padua is a wonderful city of art located in the heart of Veneto, about 40 kilometers from Venice, its most famous sister. Many rental accommodations in Padua – almost the majority – are holiday apartments. The average price of holiday apartments per night is 99 € and they have an average surface of 61 m². They can usually accommodate four people, making them the best solution for families and small groups of friends, students.

Padua terrace apartments

Usually, a terrace is an open space outside of your apartment that is located on the setback of a building. In Padua you can find some beautiful apartments with terrace, to enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Probably, as you can imagine, they are not the cheapest one but they are certainly the most beautiful ones, so you can fully experience the atmosphere of the city.

How to find apartments for rent in Padua?

If you are thinking of going to live in Padua for a short or long period, before planning your trip, you will have to look for accommodation where you can stay in absolute tranquility while enjoying the artistic beauty and cultural offer of the city. Studentsville solves all your problems: you will find a wide range of accommodation offers. Apartments, rooms, hostels…


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