Sassari Italy, a place to lose yourself in

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Sassari Italy, a place to lose yourself in

Sassari is the main city in northern Sardegna and if you want to see how it is to live on in Italian island you’ve found the best location for you. It’s surrounded by beautiful beaches and natural reserves, but also it has many historical locations you have to see. Sassari Italy has been a city ever since the pre-roman era with the Nuraghi and Pre-Nuragic people and saw it’s downfall after conquest by the Romans.

In our guide you'll find all that you need to know about living in Sassari, what to see in Sassari ( monuments, theatres, restaurants, club and discos, bars and wine), studying in Sassari, useful info and if you're looking for apartments in Sassari check our apartments in Sardinia in Sassari

So you’ve decided that Sassari is the place for you to complete your term abroad, great choice cause you’ll find some amazing places and courses for you to partake in. Where can you study in Sassari?

Sassari what to see is what you’re probably looking for now that you’ve decided to find an apartment on our website. Sassari is one of those hidden gems in Italy, you usually wouldn’t hear about it unless you’re a real fan of the country, as it is sometimes shadowed by the other big cities on the main land.

When in a new city you want to know where all of the POIs are and we have a lot of different pages for food and drink, but what about where to find the basic utilities you might need when in a foreign country?

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