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TURIN, the first capital of Italy

Welcome to the beautiful city of Torino, Italy, situated in the Piedmont region in Northern Italy. A city with a two thousand year history, it was probably founded around the 3rd century BC: the same toponymy tells the story of a city. I mean, you're probably wondering "what does Turin mean?" and I can totally understand you because the meaning of Turin hides the historical soul of a city. Turin probably comes from  "Taurini", a Celtic-Ligurian people who occupied the upper valley of the river Po, the name perhaps from Celtic *tauro "mountain" or *tur "water," but long interpreted by folk etymology as from Latin taurus "bull."

On this page you will find anything and everything that you will need to know for your time here. Torino city, Italy is a city famous for studying abroad and for taking a visit to for all of its amazing sites. For those tourists and students looking to come to Torino, below you will find a Torino, Italy map, weather Torino, Italy, suggestions for Torino, Italy food and help with living in Torino, Italy.

Visiting and living in Torino are convenient for many reasons. One being that the nearest airport to Torino, Italy is the Torino, Italy airport just less than a half an hour away. As well, there are many rooms, apartments in Turin Italy, hotels and hostels available that we have narrowed down for you. We are sure you will find a hotel Torino or even a hostel Torino, Italy on our list.

Traveling to a new country, for studying or for pleasure, can be overwhelming. We have included here universities, schools and masters programs that you can look at, too. In addition, you will also find any emergency numbers you may need, nearest hospitals, nearest ATMs, help with transportation, where to wash and dry your clothing, gyms, entertainment, etc.


An important business and cultural hub within Italy where you can find university level courses, language courses and masters programs at some of the best schools that Italy has to offer.

Everything you need to see and do throughout the historical city of Turin. From museums and monuments to the best restaurants and bars.

We have included things that travelers might want to be familiar with. It’s always good to know where the embassies are located, any emergency numbers you may need, ATM locations, how to get to and from places such as the main train station or the airport and any other information you may find useful.