Pubs, Bars, Cafés, Wineries in Florence

Homesick? Have Brunelleschi, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo & Co. bored you? It’s time for a good beer!
In Florence, you can find a lot of Irish and English pubs where you can relax and forget, for one night, that you’re in the land of the Renaissance and Arts to “study and broaden your cultural horizons in order to be a better professional in the future”…(as your parents or professors have probably told you).


Bares en Florencia

Almost every pub serves up a good beer…but please, forget the quality you can find in Northern and Eastern Europe… Florence pubs can’t compete! Moreover, the price is higher than average…around 4 Euro for a pint.

However, as a student (with a lot of free time), you can take advantage of ‘happy hours’ (starting around 6 p.m.), where all prices are greatly reduced.

During your stay in Florence, you also can’t miss the ‘Enoteca’ (Winery) experience, where you can taste the best Tuscan and Italian wines while eating famous Tuscan ‘Antipasti’ (appetizers)

You can’t completely understand Florentine (or Italian) culture if you don’t try this! We’ll give you a list of the best ‘enoteche‘ in town…

Pubs and Breweries

In the last few years, the quality of beer in Florence (and Italy in general) has greatly improved thanks to the opening of several high-quality, real Irish, English and German breweries.

Bars in Florence

Bars are famous in Florence for the ingenious ‘aperitivo;‘ around 7pm, many bars offer something to eat for free to the customers (in most cases a buffet, and sometimes almost a dinner)!

Wine Bars in Florence

When in Florence, enjoying the atmosphere of a typical Tuscan Enoteca (wine shop) is definitely a “must!”

Best Bars Guide

Guide to the Best Bars in Florence
All the top bars in Florence have been deeply studied by our resident Florence, Italy, nightlife expert: Helen Kershaw from Manchester! Angels, Zoe, Blog, Negroni, Kitsch, Caffè Sant’Ambrogio…

In this section you will find all the best bars in Florence and all the best places where to go out in Florence! Get the top Florence Nightclubs, where you can dance out your night in Florence, all the best cocktail bars Florence which are among the best bars in Italy!

Such as Zoe bar Florence  where the cocktails and the aperitifs are accompanied by hookahs in a modern essential furnished area and Rex Florence bar that is situated in the heart of the center of Florence where you can drink, talk and listen live music and enjoy your night with friends or who knows, fall in love!