Studying in Pisa

Studying in Pisa
a city of History

Why should I study in Pisa?

Pisa is one of those cities that has a great history when it comes to Academia, just think about the fact that Galileo Galilei taught at the University of Pisa for three years, yeah Galileo university of Pisa were hanging out together.


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Universities in Pisa

We’re going to leave you with some info on the University of Pisa Masters and the Pisa University courses you can sign up to. When it comes to Pisa Italy University there are three that are worth noticing, the University of Pisa Italy, the University of Sant’Anna, and the University of Pisa Normale Superiore. StudentsVille can help you with tips for study abroad in Pisa and tips for finding student rooms in Pisa and apartments.

Pisa Cooking Classes

Even though Pisa is an amazing city in which you can find some great food to eat, you’re not going to find many cooking schools, the selection within the city limits is quite scarce. But, that doesn't’ mean we can’t help you find some cooking schools near Pisa Italy, you’ll find some Pisa cooking school on our list, but most will be outside the city.

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