Florence Swimming Pool

There are over 40 Florence Swimming Pool! Studentsville has selected and found public pool Florence city center situated for you, so you can refresh yourself during the hot days of summer!

But if you prefer we found for you all the best Florence Swimming Pool present in the city! You can not miss the Florentia fitness gym and we suggest also the Le Pavoniere pool Florence situated in the Cascine Park. Just scroll the list and have a look,here are some of our favorites! Discover all that you need to know about Sport in Florence

florence pool


Le Pavoniere
Viale della Catena ph. 055 321 5644
Bathing in the Summertime. When it gets dark, it becomes a poolside bar with aperitivos, DJs, events and a restaurant with pizza! It's a very popular place with young locals. Entrance is free at night and around 7 euro during the day.

Viale Paoli ph. 055 623 6027
Bathing in the Summertime. Pools with water slides and diving boards make this place very family friendly but not very peaceful.

Naninni Bellariva
Lungarno A. Moro ph. 055 677 521
Bathing in the Summertime. Near the Arno River, it has nice views, lots of grassy space and a rooftop restaurant.

Piscina Tropos
Via Orcagna, 20/A ph. 055 678 381 - 661581
Aquagym, Idrobike, Free Style.

Piscina Comunale 'A. Franchi' Rari Nantes Florentia
Viale Maratona ph. 055 500 2225
Courses, Free Style, Aquagym.

Piscina Comunale San Marcellino - Fiorentina Nuoto
Via Chiantigiana 28 ph. 055 653 0000/1
Courses, Aquagym.

Piscina Comunale 'Paganelli'
Viale Guidoni (Le Cupole) ph. 055 437 9787
Courses, Aquagym.

Micropiscina Comunale 'Don Minzoni'
P.zzetta Cav. di Vittorio Veneto (Via Locchi) ph. 055 430 349
Courses, Nuoto libero.

Micropiscina Comunale 'I.T.I'
Via dei Caboto ph. 055 410 681
Courses. Temporarily closed

Micropiscina Comunale 'ISOLOTTO' Nuoto Club
Via B.Bandinelli ph. 055 710 479-739 8079
Courses, Aquagym.

Piscina 'G. Raspini' - Rari Nantes Florentia
Lungarno F. Ferrucci 24 ph. 055 681 2141

Piscina Amici del Nuoto
Via del Romito ph. 055483951
Courses, Free Style.

Piscina Flog Poggetto Lega Nuoto UISP
Via M. Mercati 26 ph. 055484 465.
Bathing in the Summertime, Courses.

Piscina 'Club' Fiorentina Nuoto
Via di Ripoli 70 ph. 055 687 758 - 6580033