Studying in Cagliari

Studying in Cagliari
Capital city of Sardinia


What is it like to study in Cagliari?

Island life, the Mediterranean Sea, sandy beaches, miles of beautiful coastline and mountains to hike. Do you really need anymore convincing? Studying in Cagliari is a once in a life time experience and unlike any other city on mainland Italy to study at. You can come for a semester to study at the university or you can treat yourself to a cooking class, either way look below at your options!


University of Cagliari

The University of Cagliari, Sardinia was founded in 1606 and took great influence from Spanish universities. It started off with just 5 majors: theology, law, medicine, philosophy and art and today it consists of 16 departments with 44 undergraduate degree fields of study and 41 masters programs including history, economic sciences, food and nutrition and math.  

Cooking Classes in Cagliari

There are plenty of popular things to do in Cagliari and around the island of Sardinia including of course relaxing, tanning, sightseeing, drinking and eating, but why not learn to to cook in Cagliari, Sardinia, too? If you choose not to take a cooking course to make the Cagliari main dishes yourself, then we definitely think you should try them at least!

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