Venice Apartment Accommodation, monthly rentals and short stay

Holiday apartment rentals Venice in Italy are highly sought after. Being one of the top visited cities in all of Italy, Venice apartments are searched for daily and are in high demand. If you’re looking for apartments in Venice, we can help you. From Venice Apartments short stay to long term accommodation, from room in Venice to Venice Lido apartments rent we can here to help you.

Venice is easily one of the most picturesque cities in Italy and perhaps even the world. Visited by nearly 20 million people per year, Venice is appreciated for its architecture, its winding canals (gondola, anyone?) and its colorful aesthetic.

Unfortunately, it is also, in fact, sinking 1-2 mm per year, so we would say it’s time to visit the beautiful Venice if you haven’t already. What are you waiting for? 


Venice Apartment Accommodation

Apartments for rent in Venice Italy: Quality Rentals at Honest Price

Here we have a wide range of apartments in Venice for you to look through. Not only have we included your everyday Venice apartment accommodation, but we have included a romantic apartment Venice for those couples looking for a “lovers getaway” or a canal view apartment Venice, for those looking for the best view. Our goal is to incorporate all types of accommodations that will fit what you may be looking for. Options are always nice, right?  We take pride in the quality that we offer and we hope you find our selection well. 

Venice Italy Apartments for rent long and short term

For your convenience, we offer a wide range of apartments that cover any length of stay that you wish you to be in Venice. You can cover Venice in an overnight stay, or you can stay and get to know it better over the span of 3 months. Depending on your type of visit, we are sure we have the right apartment for you.

Venice rentals that fits your needs…

See this breathtakingly gorgeous city in apartment Venice holiday rental style. Immerse yourself into the culture and community by choosing one of our vacation apartment rentals in Venice, Italy.

Choose from one of our smaller options, a studio apartment Venice, Italy or a larger unit such as one of our multi-bedroom Venice apartment vacation rentals. 

Apartments for rent near Venice Italy

If you plan on visiting Venice during the Spring or Summer time, you may be interested in an apartment to rent in Venice Lido area. A 7 mile stretch of beautiful beaches and still right near the city center of Venice. Enjoy a Venice beach apartment complex for your next family vacation.

So, how much is an apartment in Venice, Italy? While Venice can be more expensive than some other Italian cities, it isn’t by much. Below we offer short term apartment rentals Venice, Italy as well as longer term monthly apartment rentals in Venice, Italy. Take a look at our apartments and pricing below and e-mail us with any further questions you may have.

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