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Useful Info: Milan
The city of Fashion


What is the most useful information when in Milan?

When you’re moving into a new city the first things you might want to know are “How’s public transport?”, “Is Milan a walkable city?",  “Is it safe to walk in Milan at night?”, “Is Milan expensive?”, “Where are the nearest Banks?” ,“How does going to the doctor work?” ,“What if I need to find my embassy/consulate?” , “How far is Duomo from Milan Central Station?”, “How far is Milan Airport from City?”, “How do I get from Malpensa airport to Milan?” or “How far is Milan from Florence?”. All pretty frequent questions, cause you never know what may happen, and you never know when you’ll need said information. If you’re like us, you always want the information in one place, that’s why we have a page dedicated to all the Useful Information right here. This page will talk about Milan, while other cities will have their own Useful Information section. Don’t worry we’ll make sure you don’t feel lost in the chaos of Italy. However, Milan is an international city, you will always someone who speaks English. So don't ask yourself if English is spoken in Milan.

Anyway, Milan is well connected with all the main Italian cities of northern and central Italy, like Turin, Genoa, Bologna and so on. For example, Florence, taking a high-speed train, is only two hours away. If you go by car, it takes a little longer: three and a half hours.

Milano City Map

Milan Consulates & Embassies

First off let’s give you a generic idea of where all of the Milano Consulates and embassies are, you’ll find them always in the center of Milan. Where exactly, first that depends on your embassy, but you can find all of them in the area between Stazione Centrale and Duomo, that would be the Red and Yellow Subway lines.

Milan Emergency Numbers

Now if you’re problems are a bit more immediate than you going to the embassy you’ll want to know the various Milano Emergency numbers in Italy (118 Ambulance, 113 police, 115 Fire Department, 112 Generic Emergency, 1515 Environmental Emergency).

Milan Medical Information

Because of your Student Visa and the country you are from, you’ll have different situations regarding your medical expenses, but the Milano Medical Information won’t vary. If you’re part of the EU or the Schengen deal you just have to show your European ID and you’ll have free medical if you’re from a country that doesn’t provide any type of insurance you’ll need to buy one for your stay in the country. That ranges from 70-200 euro per year, so not that bad.

Best Vintage Shops in Milan

A list of best vintage shops in Milano with maps. Discover a complete list of vintage clothing in Milano

What to wear in Milan

Every time you travel, the fateful question happens: "What should I wear in Milan?"

During the winter in Milan it's quite cold, so remember to bring with you the right clothes: jackets, sweaters, scarfs, heavy shoes and boots. In the spring and in the summer instead of the winter, Milan can be sunny and sometimes very hot, so you can wear skinny jeans, tshirts or a dress.

How to get to Milan from Malpensa Airport - how to reach Malpensa from Milan

The fastest way to reach Milan from Malpensa is the Malpensa Express. This train service connects directly Terminal 1 with Piazza Cadorna (red metro line 1 with Cadorna stop) or also with the Central Station.

Milan Malpensa Airport can be reached from Milan by train from Milano Cadorna and Milano Centrale stations by the Malpensa Express (Trenord) which arrives both at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2


You would be asking yourself this question: Are taxy expensive in Milan?

Yes, they are but are working well: the Milanese taxis, white in colour, are comfortable, fast and facilitated by the preferential lanes.

The service can be requested at:

Radio taxi:  tel.+39 02 6969 (it is advisable to book the ride as far in advance as possible).
Autoradio Taxi: tel. +39 02 8585 (it is not possible to book in advance: availability is checked at the moment).
Taxi Blu: tel.+39 02 4040 (it is not possible to book in advance: availability is checked at the moment).
Etaxi: tel. +39 02 5353 (it is not possible to book in advance: availability is checked at the moment).


From Milan to Venice

Is Milan near Venice? The distance between Venice and Milan is 173 miles and many high-speed trains make the trip in just 2 hours and 25 minutes. So if you're dreaming a romantic weekend when in Milan, you can easily take a train "Milan - Venice" and you will give your sweetheart a gondola ride.


Milan Banks

Banks are definitely something you need to know about, luckily in Milan, you’ll find most of the international banks, being that it is Italy’s Economic hub so you won’t have any problems at a Milano Bank. You’ll find Citi near Cordusio, a fair amount of Barclays around the city, HSBC in Piazzetta Bossi. So you won’t have any problems when you need a bank teller if you’re online banking is giving problems.

Milan Public Transport

Milano Transportation is held by Milano ATM, you’ll never find crazy delays when it comes to the subway (there are 4 lines and one in the making, Red, Yellow, Green, Lilac that are done, and the Blu line that’ll be ready in 2022), but buses and trams are another story this is because Milan has a lot of traffic, and that is the main reason for delays, but nothing crazy so don’t worry about it too much.

Looking for Milano City Center to airport?

Milan National Transport

Now if you want to visit the rest of Italy, you have an opportunity with Milano Travel to and from being that it has one of the most trafficked train stations in the country, so you can find connections from Centrale and Porta Garibaldi that’ll bring you North, South, West, and East of Milan. If you’re jonesing to visit Turin, no worries that’ll be an hour ride. Want to see Venice? No problem there are some directs that leave from Centrale. Visit Florence? Hop on an Alta Velocità and you’ll be there in an hour and a half/max 2 hours.

Train Travel

If you want to travel by train, Milan is one of the most important railway nodes in Italy, served by the high speed velocity. Read our guide.

Trenord App

With the Trenord App you can plan your trip and buy tickets, renew your season ticket, follow train movements in real time, receive live info through push notifications on arrivals and departures from stations. The App, in Italian and English, also supports Spanish, Chinese, French and German.

To stay informed about all app updates, read our guide.

On foot: walk around Milan

Milan is a city that lends itself to walking: taking a stroll around Milan is the best way to experience the city at 360 degrees, to discover beautiful city corners hidden in plain sight. For example, Corso Vittorio Emanuele is a long pedestrian precinct which connects two symbolic squares of Milan: Piazza del Duomo and Piazza San Babila. Along Corso Vittorio Emanuele you can find the main cinemas, bookshops, fashion shops and bars with open-air tables. Just nine minutes walk from Corso Vittorio Emanuele there is Via della Spiga, considered one of the sides of the fashion quadrilateral is one of the most luxurious areas of the city, as well as one of the major shopping centers of high fashion in the world. Walking around the centre of Milan is always nice and safe, both day and night.

So, remember, if you arrive at the central station of Milan, then you need to take "metropolitana" and in ten minutes in you will be in Piazza Duomo. Then you can visit the whole city on foot. 


Milan Wash & Dry

Also When you’re in a new country and find yourself in an apartment in Milan that doesn't have a washer and dryer what are you going to do? Don’t worry too much cause you can always go to a Milano Wash and dry, and fear not that Italy has its fair share of laundromats. Especially the laundry lavanderia self service Milan Italy are pretty well kept for the standard. So if you’re looking for a lavanderia self service while in Milan you landed on the right page.

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