Useful Information: ROME

Useful Info:Rome
The Eternal City


What you Need to Know About Rome

Oh, no! You've lost your passport and you don't know where to go. Or, you've decided to use the buses around Rome and you don't understand the system. Here we have all of those answers and then some. If you don't know where to do your laundry, you'll find that here. If you don't know what the weather will be like, you'll also find that here.

These are all of the things that you wish someone would have told you before visiting or moving to a new country. Things work differently every where you go, so we think it's best to brush up on this important information. Even if you don't study these pages before leaving, at least it's comforting always knowing that they are here to guide you.

StudentsVille is always looking to make your stay somewhere as carefree as possible.  Take a look below at what we've provided for you with a best selection of Apartments for rent in Rome Italy and we wish you safe and happy travels!

Rome: Emergency Numbers, Medical info and more

What are some of the first questions you ask yourself when moving to a city in a new country? Well no doubt you’ll find yourself wondering where you could find embassies, what are the emergency numbers, can you find your bank, what’s the public transport like and so on. In this page...

Rome Laundromats

If you are looking a lavanderia self service Roma Located or a self-service laundry service with innovative equipment, has selected the best lavanderia self service Roma situated and when you prefer a self laundry service that...

Rome Transportation 

The buses Rome network is has over 350 bus lines and maybe it can get confusing to find the right bus. Here you can find all the information that you will need for the main buses Rome lines and some tips that will help to get around the city by bus...