Siena city

A Medieval Tuscan City

SIENA, home to the Palio horse race

So you’re coming to Siena, Italy to study or to visit and naturally you have questions. StudentsVille is going to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to staying in this Tuscan city. Below you will find not only the basic information on Siena, Italy such as apartments in Siena Italy, Siena Student rooms, a Siena Italy map, Siena Italy weather, etc.

Siena is home to one of the oldest universities in Italy and welcomes students with open arms. You will find a wonderful atmosphere for studying in Siena, with its tranquility and its thriving student life, you won't want to miss out. Learn more about their university and their cooking schools right here.

Enjoy the rich history, the fun events, the great wine and the best food in this popular Tuscan city. It can be hard to plan everything out, so we've done the hard work for you. Go check out our suggestions of all the best restaurants, bars, important sites to see and other nightlife and best apartments for rent in Siena.

We know that it can be stressful traveling abroad and this is exactly why we have created this page for you. We have included things that travelers might want to be familiar with. It’s always good to know where the embassies are located, any emergency numbers you may need, ATM locations, how to get to and from places, and any other information we think that you may find useful.

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