Venice Useful Information: Consulates, Medical Info, Emergency Numbers, Transportation and more

One who is traveling or studying abroad should always be aware of some important things regarding the city that they will be in. This is why we provide these useful info pages, so that the most important things to know are all right here at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for information on the nearest consulate or transportation options, you’ll be able to find it here.

venice useful informations

Venice Useful Information:

Where to find your consulate in Venice:

If you ever find yourself with a lost passport or (hopefully not) arrested, you will most likely need the services of your country’s consulate or embassy. For those coming from the U.S. you can locate the U.S. Embassy in Rome. Their consulates are located in Florence, Naples and Milan, so to go you will have to travel some to reach them. However, in Venice there is an American Consular Agency at the Venice Airport, however, they only offer limited services but will be able to help as a type of “middle man” for you and the other consulates if you cannot reach them immediately.

For other countries visit: Consulates and Embassies in Venice

Emergency Numbers in Venice:

For the central emergency line that will connect you to the service you need dial: 112

To reach the ambulance services directly, dial: 118

Medical Information in Venice:

For the nearest hospital/emergency room visit Hospital SS Giovanni e Paolo Venice, which is located in the center.

In need of a pharmacy (Farmacia in Italian)? Look for any green crosses and the pharmacists there will help you get what you are looking for. Here you can find anything from eye drops and cold medication, as well as toiletries, if needed.

Venice ATM Locations:

You will have no problem finding an ATM in Venice. There are over 100 of them located throughout the city center including one directly outside of the main train station. To view specific locations visit: Venice ATM locations.

Transportation in Venice and more:

There’s no other city like it and for this, you will not find your normal city forms of transportation, however, you will find water taxis, gondolas (more of an expensive tourist experience), water buses, limited bus services (on land) and even the chance to hire a boat. For your cheapest option visit: Water Bus Schedule.

If you are looking to get to and from the airport visit: Bus Schedule for Airport and More and check out line 5- aerobus, line 15 and line 45.

To make your life easier, check out: Venezia Unica: Official City Pass which will get you your public transportation, tourist attraction and cultural event tickets all in one. You can pick and choose which deals you want for a discount and easier access.

Venice City Map

For those of you that are choosing your own feet as your transportation check out this Printable Venice Map.

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