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Are you traveling to Italy to study or to vacation? Are you nervous about finding the right flat in Italy that is best fit for you? Here at StudentsVille, we specialize in apartments in Italy and vacation rentals for friends and family and we are here to help you find your perfect match. So, do you want to rent in Italy? Looking for a studio in Florence? Want a shared apartment in Rome? Want to rent an apartment in Italy for a month? Looking for accommodation in Italy to rent?

The research of the best italian apartments and housing in Italy for rent has been done for you, in order to provide you with the best accommodation possible and with ease.

Not only can we provide you with an extensive list and large selection of apartments for rent in Italy, but we can also share with you all you need to know about the city and your surroundings to make life a little easier.

apartments for rent in italy

Everyone dreams of visiting Italy at least once in their lifetime. Italy is so rich in history, beauty, and delicious food, no wonder it’s a top destination for travelers and students alike. Some people choose to stay for a longer period of time and some choose to stay less, either way, you will always need a place to call home.  So, why not rent a house in Italy for your visit?

How to find the perfect Italian Home

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To help you find your new home, whether it be for a semester or a week, we have researched not only apartments for rent in Italy, but everything else you need to create your ideal stay; tips on eating out, local events, tours, lifestyle, entertainment, and cultural trips. 

Sometimes it’s not just the apartment that is important, but the life nearby. So, let us help you find the perfect place for your time here in Italy!

Everyone dreams of visiting Italy at least once in their lifetime. Italy is so rich in history, beauty, and delicious food, no wonder it’s a top destination for travelers and students alike. 

Some people choose homes for rent in Italy to stay for a longer period of time and some choose to stay less, either way, you will always need a place to call home.  So, why not rent a house in Italy for your visit? To rent in Italy is not difficult, but instead a pleasure. 

When planning your semester abroad or you're once in a lifetime vacation, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is, where to stay in Italy? Looking for accommodation in Italy to rent?

You can explore various areas throughout the country, all while staying in beautiful homes for rent in Italy that we have searched out just for you!

We know it can be stressful to rent in Italy, which is exactly why we have seen and approved a number of flats to rent in Italy, to make your lives a bit easier. 


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Frequently asked question about Apartments in Italy

Where to go and for how long?

For example, why not find a house for rent in Tuscany, Italy? One of Italy’s most famous regions to see. Here you can sightsee all day in some of Italy’s finest cities and return to your comfortable house at the end of the day.

Or maybe you want to head North and see the bustling streets of Milan, where there are some of the most fashionable apartments for rent in Italy. Looking to rent a house in Italy for a long period?.

There are countless locations to find apartments in Italy for rent- long term and we have done our best to narrow down the selection.

Do you have your favorite city in mind? Do you know where you would like to travel to?

If you are searching specifically for apartments for rent in Rome Italy, apartments for rent in Florence, student apartment FlorenceItaly, apartments for rent in Venice, Italy, apartments for rent in Milan, Italy or  apartments for rent in Florence, Italy long term, is here to help you with all your short or long term rental needs.

There is an abundance of great housing in Italy for rent, that without a doubt, you will find something fit to your liking. Here at StudentsVille, we have gathered up the best information and choices possible for a short or long term stay in Italy.

There are so many great cities to see throughout “the boot,” that we have selected some of the best places to stay in Italy along with the best accommodations. This includes both accommodation in North Italy and South Italy.  We want to make your stay in Italy as pleasurable and easy going as possible.  

Looking for more information regarding your stay in Italy? Check out our StudentsVille blog on all the latest information on finding your way around Florence, all the best restaurants, local events taking place, bars and clubs throughout Florence, and so much more.

What does it take to study abroad in Italy? Find out everything you need and how to do it right here.

How much is a rent in Italy?

On average, in the center of a city in Italy, rent will range from about $400 to $700 per month. In smaller cities you may even find rent starting at $300.

However, there are factors that can change this. If you find an apartment outside of the city center, you can expect a cheaper rent and you can find cheap apartments in Italy. Or if you choose to rent only a room of an apartment and share with others, your rent can even start at $200.

How much are utilities (if not already included in rent)?

With most apartments that you will find for students and tourists, WiFi will be included. If it isn't, expect to spend about €30 per month. Otherwise, utilities all depends on how much you use them. In the winter time, for example, you will find that your bills are more expensive. Of course, this depends on how much you are using the heating. This can cost anywhere from €40-€55 per month, but keep in mind that you are billed every other month, so it will come closer to €100 for the two months, more or less. Not to scare you, but we have also been surprised with an even higher bill but this isn't a normal occurrence. In Italy, you must always be more aware of your usage, even turning off lights when not in use. In total, expect to spend at least €150 for electric and gas. If you are lucky, the rent includes all utilities!

How do I find accommodation in Italy?

Choosing to live in a house or a room for rent is the best solution if you are looking for accommodation in Italy. I know what you must be thinking, it is difficult to find your way around many websites offering rooms, apartments for rent. But, hey, don't lose your nerve, Studentsville is here to help you to find your accommodation in Italy. Go to, Studentsville's website portal dedicated to the best accommodations in Italy: rooms, apartments, loft, flats, hostels...

Where can I find cheap accommodation in Italy?

In order to find cheap accommodation in Italy, it is convenient - as many students and workers do - to rent a room in a house where other people live. This means that you will share common spaces, such as the kitchen and living room and perhaps the bathroom. You will also share expenses, for example bills. Renting a room is much cheaper than renting a whole house or apartment. On you can find many cheap rooms for rent in Italy.

How much does it cost to study in Italy?

Tuition fees in Italy, on average, are over 1,000 Euros per student per year. The highest averages are in North of Italy, fees are about 1,800 Euros, whereas in the south they are lower, and the average fees are about 700 Euros.

Anyway, in Italy, compared to the UK and Netherlands, fee costs are lower, but unfortunately countries like Germany and France are maybe more attractive: studying in a public university in France is totally free for EU citizens (there is only a small tax - € 170 per year), German public universities only required a small contribution for administrative expenses, which does not exceed €300 per semester. However, accommodation costs are a convenient element to be considered if you decide to study in Italy, you spend between 200 to 300 euros per month for a student accommodation, whereas in Germany you spend an average of 850 € per month.

How much does it cost to live in Italy for a month?

Living in Italy costs 1,300 per month, there is always something to pay: the rent of the apartment/room, monthly food expenses, a train or a bus ticket, or something else. Anyway, the cost of living varies depending on location, big cities are the most expensive. Small ones are quite affordable and you can experience the real Italian way of life: nature, food, art and culture.

What is the average price of groceries per month?

If you are careful and plan ahead, you can get away with spending about €50 per week per person on your groceries.

Rent a room to an Italian student

Renting a house to Italian students is a great way to make the most of a property near the university. In this way an empty and unused house becomes a source of income.

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Apartments in Florence

Our own, studentsVille tourist and student apartment agencies specializing in quality rentals at honest prices, and a complete list of our trusted partners.

Enjoy your stay in the cradle of the Renaissance, in apartments selected by our staff!

Apartments in Bologna

bologna apartments

There are many apartments for rent in Italy for tourists and students, so we have narrowed down and compiled a list of those in Bologna.

We are happy to share the great apartments for rent in Bologna, Italy with you.

Apartments in Genoa

Apartments in Genoa Italy for rent

Looking for a room to rent in Northern Italy, but still want the water nearby? Then Genoa is the place to look. Genoa is a busy port city with one of the best Universities in its area, offering a number of majors and classes to those looking to study abroad. For this reason, there are many Genoa apartments for rent.

Apartments in Cagliari

apartments in cagliari in Sardinia

Who doesn’t dream about having a house in Italy? Make your dream a reality by browsing our apartments in Cagliari in Sardinia for your next vacation or for you and your friends during a study abroad semester.

Apartments in Milan

apartment for rent in Milan ItalyHousing in Italy for rent in Milan. Milan is a city perfectly balanced between the old and the new. When traveling or studying abroad, there comes a time where one seeks out comfort and Milan is a great city to do that in; because it is not your typical slow-moving Italian city, there are many aspects to Milan, that make the transition a bit easier.

Apartments in Perugia

Perugia, a walled-in city, is a popular tourist destination that is a bit unlike other destinations throughout Italy. Perugia is not only big for vacation purposes, but extremely popular when it comes to studying abroad.

Apartments in Pisa

Pisa is a very student-oriented city and a must-see spot for tourists. Pisa is home to the famous Leaning Tower in Piazza dei Miracoli, and this is one of the main reasons Pisa attracts visitors from all over the world.

Apartments in Rome

As one of the most visited cities in Italy, I am sure Rome is high up on your list of places to see. Here we have put together a list of apartments in Rome for you to search through.  We have tried our best to create a list that matches all different preferences for Rome apartments for rent.  Here we have also incorporated some Rome apartments for rent long term for those wanting to stay a bit longer.

Apartments in Prato

Are you planning on taking a trip and want to rent a house in Italy? There’s nothing more spectacular than a vacation that explores the Tuscan hills and the amazing cities within them.

Apartments in Siena

Siena is a beautiful city and one of Tuscany’s most popular destinations, but because it is so small, we highly suggest finding apartments in Siena, Italy as far in advance as possible. We have scouted out apartments in center of Siena, Italy to make your study abroad experience or your holiday that much closer to the history and sites to see here.

Apartments in Turin

Torino is home to some of the best universities and schools in Italy, as well as some of the best attractions that Italy has to offer. This is exactly why we wanted to help you find your perfect accommodation Turin, Italy. 

Apartments in Urbino

Have you decided to go against the norm and visit or study in Urbino? If you are looking for apartments in Urbino then you have come to the right place.


Apartments in Sardinia in Sassari

So you’re thinking of coming to the beautiful city of Sassari on the Italian island of Sardinia. With its breathtaking beaches, historic churches and fine cuisine, no wonder you want to search our apartments in Sardinia in Sassari. This is a perfect vacation spot, hence the reason we have put together a list of Sardinia apartments for you to search through.

Apartments in Venice

Here we have a wide range of apartments in Venice for you to look through. Not only have we included your everyday Venice apartment accommodation, but we have included a romantic apartment Venice for those couples looking for a “lovers getaway” or a canal view apartment Venice, for those looking to get the best location.

Apartments in Padua

Padua is a city that probably does not come to mind instantly when you think about Italy. It is an underrated city, that actually offers so much. It is rich in history and aesthetically beautiful. Besides that, for tourists, it’s located closely to Venice, making for a great day trip and for students, it offers many programs for those looking to study abroad in Italy.


Apartments in Parma

apartments for rent in parma

Known for its prosciutto and parmigiano cheese, why wouldn’t you be looking for Parma housing? We have done our best to find apartments for rent in Parma, Italy for your perfect Parma, Italy vacation or your study abroad semester. You will find that houses to rent in Parma, Italy are very reasonably priced and in a city with lots to see and do.

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