Apartments in Perugia for Study Abroad and Vacation

Perugia, a walled in city, is a popular tourist destination that is a bit unlike other destinations throughout Italy. Perugia is not only big for vacation purposes, but extremely popular when it comes to studying abroad. Perugia is a great city to fully immerse yourself into the Italian culture. This is exactly why we have scoped out student apartments for rent in Perugia, Italy as well as holiday apartments in Perugia, in Perugia

Perugia is a perfect mix of the old and the new. It is a city that combines old architecture and art with a twist of modernity. Perugia also offers a steady focus on the arts making it an altogether wonderful city to explore. There are many apartments in Perugia, Italy available and because it is such a student oriented city, there are many available apartments in Perugia for students specifically.

We have included both short and long term rental apartments in Perugia, Italy on our list, depending on your needs, as we know they can differ. You will find our apartments in Perugia are centrally located and allow you to explore the city with ease. If you are a chocolate or jazz lover, then plan accordingly, because Perugia is the place to be. In October they offer their famous Eurochocolate festival and during the summer they hold their Umbra Jazz Festival. These are two very persuasive reasons to consider one of our Perugia apartments, or at least we think so!

Here at StudentsVille, we have offered an array of places that you can choose from. There are perfect options for students to find apartments for rent in Perugia, Italy to share with their friends (and future friends). Perugia, Italy apartments to rent monthly are also available as studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms and more, all depending on how you want your stay to be. Happy searching!

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