Cagliari Useful Information: Emergency Numbers, Transportation, Map, Consulates and more

For us, we know that when we travel, we want to feel secure and know all of the important information there is to know about a city. Of course, we also wants to know what to see and where to eat and drink, but this basic information might just come in handy. We hope that some of it doesn’t, but you just never know when you are traveling. So, if you are looking for your consulate, a taxi, a map of the area, a laundromat, and the list goes on, you just have to look at what we’ve put together for you below.

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Cagliari Useful Information:

Cagliari Consulates and Embassies:

If you are coming from the United States to study abroad or just to visit for vacation, it is always important to know where your nearest consulate and/or embassy is. Unfortunately, the U.S. does not have a consulate here. For this you will have to travel to the nearest one which is in Naples. For the embassy, which we hope you don’t have to visit, you will have to travel to Rome.

For all other countries look at: Consulates in Cagliari

Cagliari Emergency Numbers:

You can dial these directly without any prefix. When all else fails, just remember 112 and you will be directed where necessary.

Caribinieri: 112

Police: 113

Fire Station: 115

Medical: 118

Coast Guard: 1530

Cagliari Medical Information:

Remember to always dial 112 if you need help with an emergency (i.e. ambulance)

For all other medical situations, visit any pharmacy (farmacia – look for the green lit cross) and the pharmacists can assist you with anything you need from cold medication to bandages.

Or, visit the nearest hospital emergency room. The nearest in the center are Ospedale Marino in Viale Lungomare Poetto (on the beach) and Ospedale Binaghi in Via Is Guadazzonis, 2.


Cagliari Bank and Cagliari ATM

We highly suggest figuring everything out from the airport in Cagliari where you landed. There you will find an ATM and a money exchange post. The train station will also have an ATM. Otherwise, look for any bank (banca) and there will be an ATM attached. Remember there will most likely be an International withdrawal fee and always make sure your bank knows all of your travel details first before traveling.


Cagliari Wash & Dry

Whether you are studying or traveling through Sardinia, you may have a washer in your accommodation but the dryer most probably will be missing. You can find a laundromat called Blue Bubbles in Piazza Galileo Galilei 25/26 that is open from 6AM-12AM complete with a relax zone while you wait for your clothing.


Cagliari Travel to and from & Cagliari Transportation:

Cagliari Airport – Cagliari is fortunately very connected to major European cities and there are many flights that come and go. You are also, most of the time, able to find great deals on tickets to Cagliari from within Europe. There is also a shuttle bus that takes you to the center of Cagliari from the airport in just 5 minutes for €1,25.

Car Rental from Airport – If you want to explore the island a bit more, there is always the option of renting a car once you get to the airport.

Cagliari Ferries – There is another way of getting over the water, and that is of course by boat. Ferries run daily and go to other cities in Sardinia, Sicily and to the mainland to cities such as Naples and Rome.

Reserve a Taxi Online – reserve a taxi online or call 070 6655. While the city center itself is easily walkable, this is a good option for making your flight or ferry on time.

Cagliari Metro – hours, routes and prices – Again, you can see the city by foot, however, if you wanted to reach outside of the main center, then you can take their overground metro tram.

Tren Italia – Now, the train will not help you reach other cities on the Italian mainland, but it can help you reach other destinations on the island of Sardinia. Check out the site for times and prices based on your next destination.

Trenino Verde – See Sardinia in a new light. Take the tourist train through the middle of Sardinia to see the beautiful countryside while heading to your next spot.

Cagliari Map Sardinia to download and print

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