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Art and culture, breathtaking vistas, and a pleasurable lifestyle. Choosing to invest in real estate in Italy is wise, and can be very rewarding, both for one’s pleasure and for one’s pocket. 

Yet, the selection and purchase proceedings may prove to be challenging and somewhat knotty for a foreign non-resident who is unfamiliar with the local legal and administrative requirements, and not exactly fluent in Italian. Finding a reliable real estate agent, making one’s way through the countless properties on the market, and then complying with the Italian red tape, and variety of administrative duties, from abroad without bilingual support on site is bound to make things very slow, exhausting and potentially hazardous. 

Being able to rely on trustworthy, reliable and perfectly English-speaking assistance of qualified local professionals is the key to a successful purchase and winning investment

Specialized in all legal, bureaucratic and technical aspects implied in real estate investments, our team of ingenious lawyers, experienced fiscal advisors, accountants and resourceful real estate agents offers foreign buyers the advice, assistance and support they need to source their ideal Italian property, ascertain its assessments and finalize profitable deals. 

Our main assets? We’re committed, adroit, practical, nimble and trustworthy. And we  guarantee swift, consistent and flawless proceedings throughout

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