Apartments in Sardinia in Sassari: The Ideal Vacation Spot

Apartments in Sardinia in Sassari

So you’re thinking of coming to the beautiful city of Sassari on the Italian island of Sardinia. With its breathtaking beaches, historic churches and fine cuisine, no wonder you want to search our apartments in Sardinia in Sassari. This is a perfect vacation spot, hence the reason we have put together a list of Sardinia apartments for you to search through.

We have compiled a list with two options: Sardinia apartments for sale and apartments for rent in Sardinia, Italy. Included in these categories you will find apartments Sardinia near beach as well as luxury holiday apartments Sardinia for those long awaited trips.

Sardinia is not your typical Italian city, but one that offers a great backdrop for the perfect holiday. This could easily become your new traditional vacation spot. Which is exactly why we have included full homes for rent in Italy for those bigger families or groups of friends as well as apartments Italy for rent to offer a wide range of living accommodations to choose from.  


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Frequently asked question about Apartments in Sassari

Cost of living in Sassari

Living in Sassari is cheap: without spending too much, you can find a wide choice of accommodations, supermarkets and places to eat. The city is easily accessible by public transport: I mean, the ticket for a single ride by tram costs 1.30€, its duration is 90 minutes. Are you looking for an accommodation? Don’t worry: you can find a room from 160€ near the center, the prices then go up depending on the size of the house and the room. There are so many places to eat good food at reasonable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Sassari is convenient, if you are a student.

How to find apartments for students in Sassari?

The life of a student away from home – you know – is not very easy: I mean, you have to deal with a series of expenses. If you choose to attend a degree course offered by the University of Sassari, the first expenses that will arise will be the rent of the apartment. Most students choose to share an accommodation with other people because it’s the cheapest solution. On average, a single room can cost between 180 and 280 euros. The price of rent can also include condominium and other expenses, such as heating, wifi and water. Anyway, keep in mind that, fortunately, the prices of accommodations in Sassari are cheap. On our website,, you will find the room or the apartment that best suits your needs.

How to find apartments for rent in Sassari?

Finding an apartment for rent in Sassari is simple, just follow the right steps: I mean, compare prices and consider the area, the neighborhood where you are going to live. is here to hell you: it’s the guide you were looking for. Finding an accommodation has never been easier.

Who can rent apartments in Sassari?

It’s simple to rent an apartment: in order to book accommodation in Sassari, you must only be of age and provide the necessary documents.