Living in Turin

Living in Turin
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What is it like to live in Turin?

Getting ready to visit or study in Turin, Italy? If so, you're in for a treat. Literally. Turin is the chocolate capital of Italy. Isn't that reason enough to go? Besides the chocolate, you can expect to find elegant architecture, an amazing Aperitivo selection, a complete history of cinema, cars galore, historic cafés and even cool day trips.

Below you can find everything from the best museums, places to eat, to drink, apartments in Turin Italy and even the best movie theaters!

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Culture in Turin

The culture in Turin is rich; full of monuments, museums, art galleries, restaurants, beautiful palazzi, gardens and the list goes on. When visiting or living in a new city, it is important to explore and experience what it has to offer. This list certainly consists of more than one cultural place in Turin, Italy and...

Bars and Clubs in Turin

After a long day of classes or a long day walking around seeing the monuments and museums in Turin, you will most likely be ready to explore the nightlife in Turin. It’s been a busy day and you deserve that drink (or two), after all, this is where “aperitivo” was born. Take a look below at the bars and clubs in Turin.

Entertainment in Turin

Culture in Turin can be found everywhere you look in this city. It goes beyond even the museums and royal palaces and can be found in their many forms of entertainment that you will find in abundance here. In those times that you wonder what to do in Turin, Italy you will find Turin cinemas, theaters and nightlife in Turin worth checking out.


Eating Out in Turin

Welcome to Turin (or Torino), birthplace of the slow food movement; where locals and their restaurants take pride in providing local and fresh produce, among other ingredients. Turin is known for such traditional foods as tomini, small creamy cheeses, Bagna Cauda, garlic anchovy sauce, grissini, their native breadsticks, agnolotti, fresh ravioli usually stuffed with lamb and different types of...


Turin Events

There many things to do in Turin, discover and read the events calendar created by StudentsVille Staff.