Property renovation in Italy

Golden farmhouses covered by rambling ivy, ancient manors with glorious views and characterful homes in medieval villages. Most of the charming Italian properties that appeal to the tastes of foreign buyers, are “vintage” period buildings. Run-down, or at very least outdated as regards facilities and overall comfort, these charming dwellings need to be renovated and restored. 

Restoring an old house to its original glory, and adding one’s personal touch to the furnishing and decor, is a wonderfully exciting enterprise!

But renovating a time-worn property, and handling all the legal issues implied, is a challenging endeavor for a foreigner unfamiliar with local ruling and, possibly, not very fluent in the language.

As elsewhere, a proprietor will have to find dependable contractors, builders, architects, engineers etc., comply with standing policies, and last (but definitely not least!) be sure of the costs implied. Moreover, Italian law is very strict on the observance of building legislation: proprietors who carry out renovations without the required permits are subject to criminal prosecution.

Where does one source reliable and experienced professionals to do the job? How can a foreigner be sure to meet the needed legal requirements? Local insight, qualified advice and trustworthy legal backing are crucial, and that is exactly what our team of experienced advisors and legal consultants can do for you. 

Highly-skilled, knowledgeable and resourceful, our English-speaking experts provide foreign proprietors with comprehensive support in all matters implied in restoration, renovation and building. Including surveyors, architects, engineers and real estate developers, our crew offers the widespread assistance you need to successfully renovate your property in Italy.

By your side throughout the renovation, we handle all bureaucratic hassles and deal with the building site, guaranteeing seamless proceedings and unfaltering progress.  

The added bonus? Our tech virtuosos create ingenious software that enables you to personally “design” your dream Italian home… Just show us what it looks like, we’ll make your dream come true!

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