Living in Padua

Living in Padua
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What is it like to live in Padua?

Living in Padua can be described simply as a nice experience. It is affordable, walkable, livable and most importantly welcoming. It is near other important cities in Italy like Venice that you can take day trips to and the atmosphere is young and fun. Below you will find everything that you need to see and do in this Veneto region city. We can help you to discover the city with our guides about living, studying, useful informations and Padua Accommodation

living in padua

Culture in Padua

If you have ever read or seen Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” then you might be familiar with the city name, Padua. Otherwise, you probably don’t have much knowledge of this quaint and beautiful Italian city just west of Venice. Precisely why we have created this guide of what to see and do in Padova, Italy. We have created it on the basis of “What to see in Padova in one day”...

Padua Bars and Wine

For being such a small city, you would think that perhaps its nightlife is lacking, however you’d be surprised to know that the city is full of all kinds of Padua bars and clubs for all tastes. One of the best parts about this is, because it is a small city, you can reach most Padua bars by foot which means you can hop around a bit without dealing with difficult or expensive transportation...

Padua Events

If you're in Padua and you don't know what to do, read the events selected by our staff. So if you're wondering what is there to do in Padua at night or what is there to do during the day, don't miss our StudentsVille's guide.

Entertainment in Padua

If you are going to visit Padua, you will soon come to find that what to do in Padua is worth discovering. So, what is there to do in Padova Italy? The city of Padua has everything you can ask for in a city: it’s small and sweet (easily walkable), in close proximity to other Italian cities and has a rich history that fits perfectly with the everyday life that includes the movies, theatre and a fun nightlife.  If you want to know...

Eating Out in Padua

Eating out in Padua can be classified by its simplicity and its quality. Most Padua, Italy restaurants use only the freshest ingredients bought directly from the markets in Piazza dei Frutti and Piazza delle Erbe. Most menus even include Padua typical food, that dates back to Medieval times, including hen meat boiled with vegetables, mixed boiled meats, rice & peas and pasta & beans...

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Living in Padua Italy
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Living in Padua Italy
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