Finding a notary in Italy

Who is a notary? And why is this figure so important?

In Italy the notaio, notary, is definitely a key player when it comes to property transactions. Quite understandable, seeing as it is the notary’s job to supervise, and physically witness, the correct drafting and signature of vital documents such as the final deed of a property for sale, and to make them legally valid and binding. The notary is a government-appointed public official who has a truly essential role. Impartial by law, he/she has the ability and power to safeguard both parties and guarantee their rights equally, ensuring the document prepared and signed is a safe, and sound, binding deed that will be incontestable over time. 

There are 91 notarial districts in Italy, and as established by standing legislation, the jurisdiction of each of these conforms to the corresponding court’s jurisdiction. Single Notary Councils may result from the merging of small neighboring notarial districts, each with 15 notaries or less. 

Having an experienced, skilled and trustworthy notary by one’s side means being sure the transaction is executed in a timely, seamless fashion, in full compliance with all due legal prerequisites, that both the vendor and the buyer are fully informed of all aspects implied and well aware of the binding nature of their actions. Inasmuch as regards foreign purchasers, being able to count on the expertise of a bilingual notary is crucial to ensure perfect understanding of the deed’s provisions and consciousness of its legal consequences.


finding a notary in Italy


Luckily for all, nowadays one can count on two very supportive and well-prepped user-friendly online databases to find a qualified notary in Italy, and even one who speaks one’s native language., the Italian Council of Notaries’ official website, is an extremely well organized source of information that comprises a useful directory. On the website, prospective foreign buyers can gain insight on the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato, i.e.Italian National Council of Notaries, learn that it was established by the President of the Italian Republic pursuant  Art. 3, Decree No.137 August 7, 2012, and make use of the “Find a notary” section to source a professional who operates in the required area. A prospective client can actually see each notary’s profile, professional history and get to know about any disciplinary measures he/she might have been subject to simply by clicking here, and the “Select region or province” button allows one to choose the needed location. Finally, this comprehensive registry also provides each notary’s data, including address, telephone number, e-mail, and website.

The European Directory of Notaries is the other valuable tool one can use to find a proficient notary in Italy. Established with the aid of an especially issued European Council for Justice fund, this website was created to enable users to quickly select a location, and then includes information on languages spoken by each professional in the results. Easy-to-use and swift, this database is a precious tool for those foreign buyers who are looking for a notary that speaks their language.


Our services to help you find the best notary for your real estate investment

However, as helpful and well-planned a website is it can never really tell us how professional and even, how nice or kind or resourceful one is. Word of mouth and reputation are what counts, and only an experienced local advisor can offer the insight one needs to source, and employ, the best and most qualified notary available.

That’s where our English-speaking team of lawyers and consultants can step in, support your quest for an Italian notary suited to your transaction, and expedite proceedings by taking care of the bureaucracy and fine-print. 

Long-practiced experience, skilled legal qualifications and preferential relationships with a wide range of professionals allow us to provide you with a selection of highly skilled notaries anywhere in Italy, and guarantee unblemished proceedings. Our added value? If no bilingual professionals are available in the required jurisdiction, we quickly provide translations and/or full reports in English, and all-round legal and fiscal consultancy on the documents implied.




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