Football (Soccer) in Florence

Did You Know That...Florentine Soccer team, or Football in 'livery,' (a special uniform) was played in Florence for the first time in 1530 when the city was besieged by the imperial troops of Charles V to provoke the enemy, who believed Florence was already exhausted and yielding?

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During your stay in Florence, you can't miss the experience of a Serie A, ACF Fiorentina match at the Artemio Franchi Stadium!!! If you want more info about the game schedule, check out the official website:

The Fiorentina football team was born on the 26th of August 1926 and is the most important football team in Florence. They have won 2 Italian Championships, 5 Italian Cups, 1 League Supercup and 1 Winners Cup. Artemio Franchi stadium, where Fiorentina plays its home matches, is a national monument. Its nickname is 'viola' because the official uniforms are violet shirts with white stripe on each side, violet shorts and violet socks. The coat of arms is a Red Lily in white field.

(Italian Football Museum)

Coverciano - Viale Aldo Palazzeschi, 20 - 50135 FIRENZE Ph. 055 600 526 - FREE NUMBER 800 485 499 - Fax 055 619 3190

An interesting collection of the historical "Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio." It's possible to see more than 40.000 digital photos and more than 700 filmed sequences about the history of Calcio from its birth to today.

Coverciano is the official training field of the Italian National Football Team.
A beautiful place to visit!

Rondinella Impruneta Firenze
Head office: Via Lungo le Mura di S. Rosa, 2 50124 Firenze.
Home Ground: Stadio "Due Strade" Via Accursio, 21 Firenze

The second most important football team in the city. Formerly named 'Rondinella Marzocco Firenze' [founded in 1946] in 1997, the team was merged with Impruneta Calcio. It now plays in the C/2 Girone B League.

Firenze Calcio a 5
Via Torcicoda, 75 B/c Ph. +39 55 7331073 Fax +39 55 7331159

Campi Calcio Cerreti Erba
V.le Maratona 2 Campo di Marte Ph. +39 055 262 5537

Campi Calcio Cerreti Sintetico
V.le M.Fanti 18 Campo di Marte Ph. +39 55 654 0606

Campi Calcio Romagnoli
Via della Torre Ponte a Mensola / Coverciano Ph. +39 55 654 02 53

Campo Calcio Anconella
Via Villamagna 41/a Ph. +39 55 6530780

Campo Calcio Brozzi
Via Pistoiese Ph. +39 55-317588