Studying in ROME

Studying in Rome
The Eternal City


What is it like to study in Rome?

What better way to grow than to immerse yourself in a new and beautiful culture like Rome. This city is full of everything you could ask for and then some. Studying here, for all ages, is an experience that will help you learn things you never thought you could learn before, apart from just books. Studying in Rome will not only expand your knowledge in the field you decide to study, but open your eyes to new surroundings, new people, new foods and a new language.

Below we have categorized the different types of schools that exist in Rome: English speaking universities, masters programs, language schools and cooking courses.

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Universities in Rome

So, you’ve got Rome on the mind and decided this seems like the right city for you. There are numerous amount of schools to choose from and some really unforgettable programs to be a part of. Luckily for you, Rome has universities that teach the courses primarily in English.

Cooking Classes in Rome: How to Cook Italian Local Cuisine.

Cooking classes in Rome are an experience to have at least once in your lifetime. In this section Studentsville has selected the best cooking classes in Rome, Italy for beginners and professionals.

If you are a couple and you want to spend a different kind of evening...

Masters Programs and English University in Rome

Who said that all of the students here are only looking for BAs or cooking classes, sometimes you want to go all in and achieve your masters in one of the world’s most beautiful cities at an English university in Rome. Lucky for you we can help you with finding the best Colleges in Rome...

Rome Italian Language School

If you want to learn Italian in Rome, did research to find the Rome italian language school that can satisfy any need. In this section you can find all the most important italian language schools Rome, both inside and outside of the city center, from which you can choose from...


Libraries in Rome

If you're looking for a library where you can study silently, Studentsville staff's is a must-read.


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