Studying in Perugia: University and Cooking Classes in the Region of Umbria, Italy

Studying in Perugia
Capital City of Umbria


What is it like to study in Perugia?

Perugia is a city that is full of not only history but also a city packed with modern culture.  With two major universities, this place caters to students and the study culture. Full of fun things to do, great places to eat and even nearby day trips, you will thoroughly enjoy studying in the capital of Umbria.


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Explore the country side, taste some wine famous to the area and even take a cooking class and find your student rooms in Perugia with us! We have a selection of quality apartments in Perugia for students at honest prices.

studying in Perugia

Perugia: Universities

If you have decided to study abroad in Perugia, you have made a good choice. Perugia and its universities take immense pride in combining course work with cultural experiences giving the student the ultimate understanding of subject matter, the language, the culture and Italy itself. To study in Perugia...

Best cooking Classes in Perugia

If you plan on staying in Perugia for a while or even just passing through, you have the chance to learn to cook Italy in the Umbrian countryside. The cooking classes in Perugia, Italy are technically just outside of the city center and makes the experience that much better because of it. Don’t you want to take a cooking class Perugia, Italy in a beautiful villa placed...

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