Studying in Siena

Studying in Siena
Medieval Tuscan City


What is it like to study in Siena?

Siena is often coined as one of the most livable cities in Tuscany and rightfully so. It's a bit more calm than other capital cities of Italy, but it is still full of things to do and has a great student life. You will have new friends in no time that you can go explore this city with.

Siena also tends to be a bit easier on the pocket, which is always an attractive feature when studying. Check out their university below and the cooking schools that you can take on the side, or of course, if you are just visiting Siena for a short period. Siena is a beautiful city to live in. Check our student accommodations in Siena


Get your Fiscal Code

If you're interested in moving for a period in Italy, perhaps you might be interested in figuring out how to make a Codice Fiscale. For studying in Italy you may need a Fiscal Code. This document is necessary for staying here. The Codice Fiscale is useful for signing work contracts, renting houses, accessing public health care, and paying taxes.
If you want to get your Codice Fiscale valid for the Italian Government, trust the experts and find out how to get the Italian Fiscal Code.

University of Siena

If you have decided to study abroad in Italy but undecided as to exactly where, then we highly suggest to study in Siena. This city is one of the most popular Tuscan cities that you can go to. It’s beautiful brickwork and medieval feel will make you feel like you are in a film. Siena University Italy is one of the oldest in Italy...

Cooking Classes in Siena

Learning how to cook in Tuscany comes straight from a dream so, why not learn to cook in Tuscany?! What a wonderful experience to share with everyone when you return home. The Tuscan traditional dishes are kept alive in Siena and partly by these wonderful cooking schools. What are you waiting for? Learn to cook in Siena on your visit!

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