Sardinia real estate offers the opportunity to experience an island like no other

Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean, is located 120 miles (200 km) west of Italy’s mainland. Covering 9,301 square miles (24,090 square km) it comprises a variety of landscapes. Its spectacular 1,849 km long rocky coastline is graced by sandy beaches, while the inland houses mountains, volcanos, hillsides, and extensive wild and hardly inhabited areas.


Are houses for sale in Sardinia a good investment?

Or, in other words, should you buy a house for sale in Sardinia in 2023-2024? This beautiful island’s attractions are no secret, but purchasing a waterfront property for sale in Sardinia, or a picturesque rural dwelling, is a momentous decision. What prospective buyers want to know is if it is a worthwhile investment in terms of personal serviceability and/or return on investment. So let’s give a look at the island from an investor’s point of view.

Why houses for sale in Sardinia, Italy, are popular

Endowed with unique traditions and an island legacy similar to no others, Sardinia has often been considered “a continent in itself”. Indeed, its distinctive character, somewhat glamorous allure, and charming architecture make Sardinia, Italy, a real estate heaven. Its powdery white and pink beaches, impossibly-blue waters, and scented emerald green Mediterranean bush appear irresistible to all. Hence, many Italians and foreigners seek vacation rental properties in Sardinia. And just as many fall for the beautiful Sardinia bay estate houses for sale.

Sardinian real estate provides local character

But there’s more to Sardinian real estate than seafront mansions. The modern apartments, lofts, and studios that one can find among the houses for sale in Olbia Sardinia, for instance, the lovely “stazzi” in Gallura, and the characteristic “pinnette”, topped with thatched roofs. These charming stone buildings can be mostly found in Sardinia’s rural areas, including the villages that comprise the island’s “Blue Zone”.

And possibly longevity too

Most visit Sardinia for its beaches, but the rural areas have a charm of their own and provide a wholesome environment. As journalist Carol Amendola-D’Anca explains on Fra Noi, the island is home to a Blue Zone, i.e.“a demographic region where people live active lives past the age of 100 (and) there is a low incidence of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other common chronic illnesses”. One of these towns is Seulo, Sardinia, where real estate opportunities include charming period homes, and where centenarians live and thrive. Properties for sale in Bosa, another attractive village, and in Nulvi, Sardinia, offer the same kind of fascination.

Houses for sale in Sardinia, Italy are easy to get to

Aside from natural attractions, and the ever-captivating bonus of living a long and happy life, many travelers choose Sardinia over other picturesque Italian or European seaside resorts because of its state-of-the-art infrastructure. First and foremost, Sardinia has three airports, one in Olbia, one in Cagliari, and one in Alghero. Traveling to and fro, both from Italy and from other countries, is easy and quick, and all of Sardinia’s airports are within a few minutes’ driving distances of amazing beaches.

The perks of choosing real estate in Alghero Sardinia

There aren’t many vacation destinations where you have an airport down the street and a spectacular beach on the other end. Owning real estate in Alghero, a beach beauty with its own flight hub, or buying one of the houses for sale in Porto Cervo Sardinia, just a 20-minute drive from Olbia, means having an ace up your sleeve for years to come.

Property for sale in Porto Rotondo Sardinia and kid-friendly holidays

Plus, over the years the island’s tourist vocation has perfected itself, and today the coastline provides an immense selection of family-focused child-friendly hotels, beaches, and self-catering villas. Both travelers with kids and investors notice, hence assets in the most family-friendly spots are very sought-after from springtime well into fall. Securing Sardinian real estate for rent in San Teodoro, or a property for sale in Porto Rotondo, or Alghero, or Villasimius, means, the aficionados ensure, you’ll enjoy a stress-free family vacation!

Tourism flow data shows Sardinia’s popularity soaring

All the above-listed facts prove without a doubt that vacationers are not likely to stop traveling to Sardinia, and the recent data made public by the ISTAT, i.e. the Italian Institute of Statistics, reconfirms this idea. The figures show that between January and September 2021 the number of tourists visiting the island increased by 62.8% compared to the previous year. And the data published by Federalberghi Sardegna, the Sardinian hotel and resorts association, also validates the same: between June and October 2021 over ten million tourists visited the island and stayed in its hotels and resorts, almost double those that flew or sailed over in 2020. The above data clearly shows that investing in Sardinian real estate for sale in 2023-2024 to rent it out, may very well be your next best move.

Major tourist attractions in Sardinia: the beaches

Because Sardinia’s beaches are almost too beautiful to be true, vacationers are bound to continue seeking rental properties in Sardinia.
From early spring to late autumn, young travelers, couples, and honeymooners fill the beaches and seafront restaurants of Alghero and Palau, swim in the turquoise blue waves, and lie on the Fertilia, Porto Conte, Talmone, Porto Pollo, and La Sciumara beaches. Celebrities and VIPs flock to Porto Cervo, Cala di Volpe, and the Spiaggia del Principe. Families with children and teens choose Chia, Porto Rotondo, and the Forte Village, and virtually nobody can resist the allure of Berchida, la Pelosa, and Cala Coticcio. Sailors, and those lucky enough to have a yacht generally sail to marvelous or to La Maddalena.

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Sardinia is a paradise for sports lovers

Sports fans, even pros, are also spoiled for choice on this spectacular island. Divers can spend weeks at a time gliding through eerie underwater shipwrecks, surfers have but to choose the windy beach they like best, and all along the coastline turquoise blue water studded with starfish and shells is a snorkeler’s dream come true. The inland offers a kaleidoscope of different landscapes too, making for exceptional hiking, and climbing adventures that are enhanced by the exploration of the prehistoric nuraghes.

Houses for sale in Sardinia, Italy: the festival factor

Sardinia’s traditional heritage sets it apart from continental Italy, and its array of distinctive customs lures many travelers to its towns and cities. The island festivities showcase the local culture in an enthralling display of colorful costumes, luscious local fare, music, and dancing. The religious festivals of Sant’Efisio, in Cagliari and San Silpicio in Olbia, and the Cavalcata Sarda’s marvelous historic reenactments and horseback tournaments turn May into a continuous party. Between May and June, Carloforte and the tiny Island of San Pietro honor the unique flavor of tuna with the Girotonno Festival. Later in June, hundreds flock to Sant’Alghero and its surroundings to celebrate Saint John the Baptist, and so on, throughout the whole year.

Sardinia property market

The wide range of attractions described above makes it clear that buying real estate in Sardinia in 2023-2024 will probably be a very wise investment. But how much do houses for sale in Sardinia cost? The data recently published by, Italy’s leading real estate portal, provides straightforward information and updated prices for properties in Sardinia. So let’s take a look at the figures.


Sardinia property prices

As of April 2022, the average price for residential property in Sardinia was €2.215 per square meter, showing an increase of 4.48% compared to April 2021, when it stood at €2.120 per square meter. As per the destinations where rental properties in Sardinia are most sought-after, you can see a comprehensive chart here below.

Top destinations for Sardinia houses for sale

The data below refers to average Sardinia property prices per square for tourist-oriented spots and larger Sardinian cities. In April 2022, houses for sale in Olbia Sardinia were selling for an average price of €2.981, with houses for sale in Porto Cervo Sardinia hitting €7.554 per square meter, and properties for sale in Porto Rotondo Sardinia available at a more cost-effective €4.766, As per real estate in Alghero, another favorite, current prices stand at €2.242.

Investment opportunities in rural Sardinia

Inland Sardinia’s authenticity makes it interesting for investors too. The survey quoted above shows good chances of finding a charming house for sale in the province of Sassari, Sardinia, for instance in Nulvi, Sardinia, where property for sale can be secured at an average of €1.088 per square meter. The most attractive options in the province of Oristano, on the other hand, are properties for sale in Bosa Sardinia, for sale at an average price of €1.263 per square meter.

In Sardinia, Italy, real estate will be enhanced by the benefits of the Next Generation EU funds

Aside from tourist flows, which are promising as regards returns on investments, prospective buyers interested in investing in Sardinian real estate will also want to keep in mind that the island will certainly benefit from the upcoming implementation funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, as provided for by the Next Generation EU program. The information on the official Sardinia Region website is enlightening: the region is entitled to receive €24.145,121.99 destined for the protection and enhancement of rural architecture and landscape, and the restoration of buildings and areas important for the local religious and cultural heritage. The projects carried out will undoubtedly further boost this splendid island’s attractiveness, and add value to Sardinia’s real estate assets.

If you want to go deeper about where to buy a house in Sardinia, Italy, visit this page. You will find the Italian real estate market trends and some purchase tips.

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