Naples Useful Information – Find what you need in this unique city

Useful Info:Naples
"Sun City"

What are the things I need to know in Naples?

Bella Napoli, in this page you’ll find all the Naples useful information during your studies. Let’s look at what are the most common questions for a student, or visitor, that is visiting the immense beauty of Naples.

Naples Useful Information: Where to Find your Consulate in Naples

Keep in mind that Naples isn’t the capital of Italy, so we can’t help you find any embassies in the city, being that the only way to help you in that aspect would be to tell you to get on a train and get yourself to Rome. But worry not, because Naples has a wide array of consulates that can cater to your needs during your stay in this beautiful port city. Plus, being one of the most important port cities in Italy this brings a great number of consulates to reside here, so you won’t have a problem when looking. Keep in mind this map with the major consulates. Also keep in mind that most of the consulates are on the sea level part of Naples, making it easier for bureaucracy papers when it comes to trade and commerce regarding the cities port.

Naples Emergency Numbers:

Now hopefully you won’t need any Emergency numbers in Naples, but just in case remember that the EU emergency number is 112 - this means it’s valid in all of the EU, so when you’re visiting other countries that are member states remember that it’s valid - but Italy has three other emergency numbers 113 for the Police, 115 for the Fire Department, and 118 for the Ambulances and First Aid. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have a quicker response if you use the Italian numbers, but also use the EU one if you’re in need.

Naples Medical Information

When it comes to Medical Information in Naples remember that if you’re part of an EU member state you won’t need any insurance for your medical expenses, you can visit a hospital and be prescribed medicines just as you would in your home country. If you’re not a member of the EU you will have to acquire medical insurance that will cover your costs while in the country. Don’t worry they range from 70 to 200 euro, that could be a dent in your student budget, but they won’t be extraordinarily expensive.

Naples Banks and Naples ATMs

Naples is one of the biggest metropolia in Italy, the third in population and the most densely populated per square km in the country, so don’t worry when it comes to ATM locations in Naples you’ll find them all around town. As per usual, when in a new city be careful of your surroundings when withdrawing cash.

Naples Transportation

Now when it comes to our Naples Useful Information page we have to keep in mind that you are probably wondering about Transportation in Naples and more information on this subject. Being one of the South’s biggest cities and Campania’s capital, Naples has many workers that come from places like Avellino and Sorrento thanks to the Circumvesuviana that can take you to places that someone visiting might want to see. Also, what are you not going to go on the Funiculare when in Naples it’s probably the most first thing you ever heard about Italy. You can find 4 different Funiculari that’ll bring you up, or down, the hills of Naples.