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The University of Pisa is not a campus-based university so you will have to look for students rooms Pisa located by yourself. The university has its buildings and departments spread throughout the city so you will have to decide the best positioned student rooms Pisa for you. We have a wide selection of student accomodation in Pisa and  apartments for rent in Pisa Italy too.

Pisa is a city in region of Tuscany, straddling the Arno and is the capital of the province of Pisa. Although Pisa is known for its leaning tower, it also has one of the best universities with a long history that goes back to the 12th century.

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Students usually share their student accommodations in Pisa, with other Italian or International students. Students of the University of Pisa are now able to benefit from a series of discounts on their Pisa student rooms prices thanks to a number of agreements made by the University with the various Pisa student apartments throughout the city.  

If you want to live your student life in the center of the city, in this section of StudentsVille you can find the best studio apartments and we have been looking for the ideal lofts in Pisa from which you can choose from and all the best hi-standard cheap rooms for rent in Pisa.

But if you want just to stay a few days or your friends are coming for a visit, you can find a wide selection of apartments for rent in Pisa Italy.

Enjoy yourself in Italy with StudentsVille!!!!

StudentsVille Pisa has selected for you cheap rooms for student in the center or in the outskirts of Pisa, rooms perfect for International, Erasmus or Socrates students in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. The perfect stay if you’re looking for Pisa Italy lodging. 

On StudentsVille Pisa also a wide selection of tourist apartments in Pisa and in Tuscany !

Enjoy your stay in Italy with StudentsVille.it!

For more info about student rooms for rent in Pisa contact: booking@studentsville.it

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Frequently asked questions about rooms in Pisa

How to find a room in Pisa

The University of Pisa does not have a university campus. However, students can find accommodation quite easily. Usually foreign students contact directly property owners thanks to the many booking platforms (you can find) online and share houses and apartments with their Italian or foreign colleagues. The price for a room is around 250/350 euros per month, excluding bills and condominium costs. Don’t waste your time, register on Apartments Studentsville web portal and find a room that best suits your needs.

How do I find accommodation in Pisa?

When you’re looking for an accommodation for rent in Pisa, it is important to browse websites dedicated exclusively to university students or workers, such as Apartments.studentsville.it, so you can avoid tourists offers. 

Follow our advice:

  • Know the cost of apartments and rooms in Pisa to avoid spending money unnecessarily. A single room in Pisa costs on average 300 euros per month and a double room for rent costs on average 275 euros per month.
  • Find a flatmate on Apartments.studentsville.it .

Where can I find cheap accommodation in Pisa?

The accommodations in the centre of Pisa are cheaper than those closer to Pisa Cathedral and the Leaning tower. As you might imagine, the city is pedestrian-friendly and it’s so easy to move around the city. We also recommend you the area near the station and the airport.

Accommodations in Pisa for students: how to find?

Pisa is one of the main Italian university cities, half the population of Pisa is made up of students, who come from all over the world to attend one of the prestigious universities in Pisa. As you might imagine, students in Pisa almost always choose to rent a room in a shared apartment. By choosing this option, you can save a lot of money: a double room costs 200 euros per month, whereas a single one costs 300 euros per month. How to find the best accommodation? Register on Apartments Studentsville portal and chat directly with the property owners to book the accommodation you like the most.