Living in Siena Italy

Living in Siena Italy
Medieval Tuscan City


What is it like to live in Siena?

Siena is one of the top livable cities in Tuscany, with a perfect balance of an active tourist/student life and that of a small, calm city, rich in history. You can be in the countryside in no time or another nearby Tuscan city, making the location ideal ( read our complete guide about Siena). It has just enough of a nightlife to not be overwhelming or rowdy and of course the quality of food and wine are high. What's not to love about Siena? Check our apartments in Siena Italy 


Culture in Siena

Siena, the city built on three hills, is an ancient Italian city with narrow winding streets lined with brick buildings and absolutely full of culture.

Here you can visit a Siena museum, step foot in their famous Piazza del Campo, eat delicious wild boar ragu and sip on a nice Chianti or Brunello of Montalcino. The options are not necessarily endless, as this is a small city...

Siena Bars and Wine

You’re in Italy, better yet you’re in Tuscany, and you want to try some wine, naturally. You are on a mission to find a Siena, Italy wine bar and that is exactly what we are here to help you with. Whether we have found the best wine bar Siena, Italy has, is up to you to decide. See below the best local bars in Siena, Italy that we have found where you can sip on some of the best wines the region or even the world, have to offer.

Entertainment in Siena: Cinemas, Theater, Clubs

Often considered a very tranquil city, don’t expect to find a crazy nightlife and instead expect fun nights drinking good wine, seeing a show at the theater, a movie in English or people watching in the famous Piazza Del Campo. StudentsVille has also incorporated things to do in Siena, Italy not only at night but for certain months throughout the year.

Eating Out in Siena

If you have found yourself in this heartwarming Tuscan city, for whatever reason, surely at some point you will have to find yourself a good Siena restaurant. This way you can get a taste (literally) of the typical food in Siena and the region of Tuscany, including ribollita - a hearty Tuscan bread soup with vegetables, Pici pasta - a type of thicker spaghetti...

Siena Events

Siena is a beautiful city full of culture and art. Discover all the events in town.

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