The Pisa Italy Guide you always needed

a city of History

The Pisa Italy Guide you always needed

If you’re thinking about visiting about studying in Tuscany, one of the best towns that can cater to your student needs is going to be Pisa. You probably know Pisa Italy, it’s one of the most famous cities in all of Italy, with the leaning tower of Pisa that everyone has seen in pictures at least once in their lifetime — fun fact the Pisa Tower is that way because when they built it one side of the ground wasn’t as stable as the other so as time went on the towers’ weight started to give the tower it’s notorious angle, also if you were wondering where is the leaning tower of Pisa, you’ll find it in the Campo dei Miracoli, that’s where all the main ecclesiastic buildings are, like the Pisa cathedral. To find Pisa apartments for rent, you can search StudentsVille to browse the range of choices available to you.

Pisa is one of those cities that has a great history when it comes to Academia, just think about the fact that Galileo Galilei taught at the University of Pisa for three years, yeah Galileo university of Pisa were hanging out together. If you're looking for student rooms in Pisa near the University check our accommodations in Pisa for students.

Now that you’re thinking about going to Pisa you’re going to want to visit Pisa, cause it's not just studying every day, sometimes you’re gonna want some time to learn about the city and wonder in Pisa what to see or maybe something more like what is there to see in Pisa Italy.

We know that everyone needs this information we created a Pisa Useful Information page just for you. Because when you’re in a new city you’re always looking for what to do and how to have fun, but sometimes you need to know other useful information regarding where to find banks, where to find the police (hopefully not),  what you need to do regarding medical information and so on.

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