Exhibitions and Fairs in Florence

Fashion, dance, theater, handmade crafts, art, opera and history. At any time of year, there's always a spectacle to be seen in Florence. Here's our introduction to some of the biggest expositions and festivals in the city.

Maggio Fiorentino

Music has played a very important part in the artistic life of Florence. The very first opera, in fact, took place here at the end of the 16th century, based on the theories and experiences of the Camerata dei Bardi.
Nowadays, the temple of Florentine music is the Teatro Comunale, home to the Maggio Musicale, which, like its sister cities - Salzburg and Bayreuth - hosts the oldest and most important Festival in Europe, complete with concert and opera seasons of the highest quality.


Pitti Immagine

The official website of one of the most important fashion events in the world. Visit the site and discover why!
We highly suggest experiencing one of the events listed there. They're really worth a look!


Firenze Expo & Congress

A new joint-stock company running the three main exhibition and congress facilities in Florence: Fortezza da Basso, a Medicean fortress, built in 1536 by Giuliano di Sangallo; Palazzo Congressi, a villa built by the Strozzi family, perfectly restored and home to ancient furniture and art; and Palazzo Affari, a modern hall built by architect Spadolini in 1974.
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Fabbrica Europa

A exhibition and festival with originality like never before seen in Italy. The site hosts various performances and expressions of art: dance, music, theater, visual arts, meetings, labs and enjoyable evenings at the café. This is the event that speaks the languages of Europe and the Mediterranean! Check out their excellent website and discover the yearly program!