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You may not be as familiar with Padova, Italy as you are with other famous Italian cities, but it is one of Italy’s oldest established cities and is full of historical architecture, museums and beautiful gardens. So, exactly where is Padova, Italy? What does Padova stands for in the world? Padova is located in the Northeast region of Italy, called Veneto. You only need about 45 mins to get from Padova, Italy to Venice making Venice a great day trip option. Not to mention Venice’s Marco Polo is the nearest airport to Padova, Italy. But is Padua worth visiting? StudentsVille can help you to discover the city with guides about: studying, living, useful informations of the city. So if you're wondering what is Padua famous for, you're in the right place: Padua is home to the second oldest University in Europe (after Bologna) and to the oldest botanical garden of the world. It is all well known for Giotto's frescoes in the Scrovegni chapel.

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Padua is home to the University of Padua which was once where Galileo studied. Also home to one of the oldest botanical gardens still in existence to this very day and worth the visit, even if you aren't studying here. On this page you will also find cooking lessons that you can take to improve those cooking skills and to have an unforgettable experience in Italy and a guide to find the student accommodation in Padua just for you.

On our leisure page you will learn all the ins and outs of Padua. The most important sites to see, the best restaurants to eat at, where to drink the best wine and/or cocktails and where to go for some down time. Check out this page for some ideas of what to do next in Padua.

We know that it can be stressful traveling abroad and this is exactly why we have created this page for you. We have included things that travelers might want to be familiar with. It’s always good to know where the embassies are located, any emergency numbers you may need, ATM locations, how to get to and from places, and any other information we think that you may find useful. E.g.: how far is Padua from Venice?

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