Apartments to Rent in Milan, Italy and other Housing Options

Milan is a city perfectly balanced between the old and the new. When traveling or studying abroad, there comes a time where one seeks out comfort and Milan is a great city to do that in; because it is not your typical slow moving Italian city, there are many aspects to Milan, that make the transition a bit easier.

We can help you to find your apartment in Milan, from serviced apartments in Milan central to temporary apartment in Milano for a long or short term.

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In the centre of the city, in Milan central, you can find serviced apartments Milan with all the comforts and amenities but also a temporary apartment for a long or short term in the heart of Milano.

So you no longer need to ask yourself “how to find an apartment in Milan”,which apartments in Milan are good for couples?”,“what are the best apartments in Milan close to Milan Malpensa Airport?”, or “what are the best apartments in Milan near Duomo Milan?” because in no time you’re getting home rentals in Milan Italy. Don’t worry, there are so many cheap apartments in Milan for sale or for rent.

If you’ve decided to take the plane, the closest apartments you can find near Malpensa Airport are close to Milano Cadorna Station, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milan Central Station because there are “Malpensa Express” trains that connect the airport to the main Milanese stations.

However, if you’re a shopaholic, the kind of person who goes crazy for shopping, you’ll probably prefer to stay in an apartment in Porta Venezia area with numerous bus and tram lines and near Corso Buenos Aires, the most important commercial street in Milan, with over 350 points of sale of various types of goods, a total daily turnover of the highest in the world and an average of one hundred thousand people every day.

If you’re studying Engineering, Architecture or Design, you’ll probably move into one of the apartments for rent near Politecnico Milano.

Or maybe you would like to soak in the beautiful urban area of Porta Nuova, between skyscrapers and buildings of the highest level, restaurants, bars, shops everywhere.

Or otherwise you prefer to live near Duomo: it’s not easy to choose the best apartment to live in a beautiful area like Duomo District. Studentsville Staff picked the better solutions.

Anyway, in whatever area you decide or want to live in, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of apartments, of all kinds: for example, if you’re a freelancer, you will presumably enjoy living in a spacious studio and a cozy room with a Milan stunning view.

For a group of students or workers, maybe it’s better to pick a 3 bedroom apartment Milan option. In case you’re single the best choice is a 1 bed apartments solution.

If you’re wondering what’s the best neighborhood to live in Milan, you won’t find a single answer to questions like “What is the best part of Milan to stay in?” or “What is the best neighbourhood to stay in when visiting Milan?”: every neighborhood has its merits:

“Navigli” is the best neighboorhod for nightlife; “Brera” is the perfect place if you want to be centrally located; “L’Isola” is the district for best food and restaurants; “Città Studi” is one of the greenest areas of Milan, served by universities, schools, public transport.

Milan Apartment Rental 

It is a bustling, international city that is on the move. So, considering apartments for rent in Milan, Italy should be an easy choice, if that’s what you are looking for.

apartment for rent in Milan Italy

Milan Apartments: our selection

We have a wide selection of furnished apartments for rent in Milan Italy in the center. The location of Milan allows one to travel easily to their next destination or for a weekend getaway. Milan is a metropolitan city and gives more ease to getting things done than most other Italian cities.

Apartments for rent in Milan Italy for student and tourists

Milan University student apartments for your needs. Travelers and students alike will find a list of things to do that they probably never expected when it comes to Milan (if you need of a private or shared rooms check our student rooms in Milan ).

This is why we have created a list of apartments in Milan, Italy short and long term rentals as it is a city often frequented by those looking for housing in Italy.

Housing Milan, is sought out by many, as Milan is continuously growing. As the second most populated city in Italy, after Rome, finding apartments to rent in Milan Italy, may seem like a challenge.

As Milan can be on the more expensive side, we have done our best to narrow down your best economic options: in response to the often asked questions like “how much does it cost to stay in an apartment in Milan?” or “how much would an apartment in Milan cost for tonight?”, “how much is an apartment in Milan for this weekend?” or “how much does it cost to stay in an apartment in Milan?”,  we’ve selected all the available options, so you don’t to have to worry about the costs of apartments rentals in Milan. 

Average prices of an apartment

One of the cheapest areas near the center is around Piazzale Lodi: for a 60 square meter two-room apartment you spend an average of 840 euros per month, while for a three-room apartment (or four-room apartment) of 100 square meters, you usually spend more than 1,400.

Also in Città Studi area the rentals are not so expensive: on average an apartment costs 14.33 euros per square meter, so for a two-room apartment of 60 meters you will spend about 860 euro. Near  Navigli instead the average price is higher: a 60 square meters apartment costs on average 1,000 euros.

But, don’t worry, we’ll be able to advise you on the right choice for you.

Milan Apartments for rent: long or short term

If you are studying abroad, and decided to find apartments for rent in Milan Italy for students, independently, then this is the place for you.

Spacious apartments, well furnished and easy to share. Luckily, no matter where you are located within the Milan city center, the transportation is run so well, that you shouldn’t have any problems getting from point A to B.

If you are seeking out a Milan apartment rental for vacation or longer term, we have you covered as well! As we mentioned before, Milan is a great center point, as the train station and the airport go almost anywhere you can think of.

Milan is a university city but it also perfect for families. So  if you are planning to go on holiday to Milan with your family, you don’t even have to ask yourself “Which apartments in Milan are good for families?” because the centre of Milan is the ideal location for family vacations. So every apartment in the historic center is perfect for your holiday in Milan.

Anyway, Milan is also the best place for couples: it’s not always easy to find a place to share a holiday with your sweetheart, Milan can represent the perfect situation: the apartments in Navigli district are probably the best possible solution because all day and all the night there is always something romantic to do.

Apartments for rent in Milan Italy long term or apartment rentals from 1 month Milan Italy are readily available and waiting for you.

Spending a longer period of time in Milan is highly worth it, from seeing their breathtaking Duomo (Italy’s largest church), to DaVinci’s Last Supper and perhaps even an opera at Teatro alla Scala. The options are quite endless when it comes to Milan, and it’s not something that is widely known.

Ranging from apartment rentals from 1 month Milan Italy to longer term, we have it all. Depending on what your future time in this great city will be like, take a look through our Milan apartment rental Milan, Italy inventory and you won’t be disappointed.  

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Frequently asked question about Apartments in Milan

How much are studio apartments in Milan?

Renting a studio apartment in Milan costs on average 772 euros. According to Tecnocasa, the cheapest area is Ponte Lambro where you could rent a studio apartment for 250 euros a month. That means that only studio apartments in the most central areas of the city have very high prices, the price per square meter goes down in areas near the center.

How big are studio apartments in Milan?

According to municipal regulations, in Milan, a studio apartment – usually, an accommodation for one person – must have a minimum surface area of 30 m² to comply with the legislation. This is obviously a conventional starting size, which can vary according to the design project. So, studio apartments are usually in between 30m² and 60m² .

How to find studio apartments in Milan?

Every day thousands of people look are looking for apartments and flats for rent in Milan, house hunting becomes almost a job, it takes a lot of time reading many ad portals. So don’t waste your time, rely on StudentsVille to find the studio apartment for your stay in Milan.

Just go to Apartments Studentsville (our web portal for finding and booking accommodation), register on the site and choose the type of accommodation you are looking for: rooms, studio apartments, three-room apartments, hostels and so on. Then filter by your budget and just scroll through the map to find the place that meet your requirements.

How does studio apartment in Milan look like?

Milan is a city where a significant number of students and workers live, many of them live in a studio apartment in the center of Milan because it’s the ideal solution if you study or work in a big city like Milan. Studio apartments in Milan are usually accommodations with a single room, so they consist of one large room: living room and bedroom together, and a kitchenette.

Who can rent studio apartments in Milan?

Studio apartments are usually the preferred choice of accommodation for single people, it is easy for a student or a worker to rent a one-room apartment. I mean, it’s the most convenient choice. A family or a group of friends can’t rent a studio apartment, they need two-room or three-room apartments.

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