Apartments in Siena Italy: Long and Short Term Rentals

Siena is a beautiful city and one of Tuscany’s most popular destinations, but because it is so small, we highly suggest finding apartments in Siena Italy as far in advance as possible.

We have scouted out apartments in center of Siena, Italy to make your study abroad experience or your holiday that much closer to the history and sites to see here.

Finding Accommodation in Siena

apartments in siena italy

Living in Siena, Italy

Take in the breathtaking Piazza del Campo or visit the beautiful Cathedral di Santa Maria Assunta. For being such a small city, you would think there isn’t much to do or see here. However, this is one of Tuscany’s hidden gems. Although, it is getting more and more popular as the years go on.

This small city is fairly unchanged by tourism that you will get a better sense of cultural immersion while here. For example, some larger cities are changing due to touristic demands. However, in Siena, you will still find the classic Italian leisurely way of life. Get ready to let go of your car or public transportation for that matter. You can go everywhere by bike or by foot! That’s the beauty of this city, life will never be very hectic. Plus, if you ever do miss the hustle and bustle of a bigger city,  you can take a weekend trip.

In fact, Siena is not far from many other amazing Tuscan cities, that we also have apartments for longterm rent in Siena, Italy for those wishing to stay a bit longer or study a bit harder, and to use their time exploring other surrounding cities. 

Apartments in Siena Italy

The Right Apartment for You

If you are looking for more of an investment and you have fallen in love with Siena on a previous trip, there are apartments for sale in Siena, Italy as well that we can help you with.

However, most people are looking for student apartments for rent in Siena Italy, or apartments for rent in Siena Italy for tourists or holiday apartments Siena, ItalySo, whether it be short term during a trip traveling around Italy, or a 4 month long study abroad semester, StudentsVille can help you find one of our Siena Italy apartments for rent that best accommodates your needs.

Coming to Siena will not disappoint!

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Frequently asked question about Apartments in Siena

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Siena?

The average price of single room for rent in Siena is 300 euros, depending on the type of accommodation the prices range between 200 euros and 400 euros. Inside the walls houses have an average price higher than apartments outside but it is easier to find to old and not renovated accommodations. An apartment costs on average 800 euros.

How to find apartments for rent in Siena?

Finding apartments for rent in Siena is less complicated than looking for an accommodation in Florence, whose prices are usually very expensive. I mean, Siena is, a bit like Pisa, student-friendly and you can quickly find a cheap room or house to rent. is here to help you, on our website it is easy to book an apartment for your stay in Siena.

Is rent cheap in Siena?

Renting an apartment in Siena is an opportunity that you cannot miss: it is cheap and convenient. So, what I’m saying is that the prices of the apartments in Siena are light years away from the high prices in Milan, Rome or Florence. Believe me, and then Siena is so beautiful.

Who can rent apartments in Siena?

Everybody can rent apartments in Siena. There are no limitations, you just have to be of age and and have an identity document.