Genoa City

The Proud One

GENOA, Italy's largest port city

Welcome to the beautiful Genoa city, the largest Italian port located in the Northwest region of Liguria. Genoa city, Italy is a UNESCO world heritage site and is visited by many all year round. Full of interesting history and sites to see, such as Christopher Columbus’ house, Italy Genova has become not only popular to visit among tourists, but also a popular place to study abroad. Genoa, Italy tourism reaches a large number of people per year and has become one of the top cities to visit in Italy. Which is exactly why we have created a page to show you where to go in Genoa; your very own Genoa guide.

On this page we have provided you with all of the Genoa tourist information that you will be looking for upon your vacation or semester abroad here. We have provided all that you need to know about this city, including general suggestions, Genoa tourist attractions, a map to ease your way around the city, and much more. Besides the main tourist attraction Genoa Italy, such as the lighthouse, there are many other appealing and more obscure places to visit in Genoa, Italy, such as the Oriental Market. There are so many aspects that should entice you to visit Genoa.



Studying abroad can be quite the challenge, but it’s certainly easier to find a Genoa school, when they are of high quality and offer a wide range of programs to choose from. Genoa is home to not only great universities for your general BA, but they have well known language schools as well as international schools for younger ages.

If you are a student or visitor coming to stay or live in Genoa, we also have provided options for housing. If you are looking for a room to stay in, a hostel or an apartment for short or long term, you have come to the right place. 

We know that it can be stressful traveling abroad and this is exactly why we have included things that travelers might want to be familiar with. It’s always good to have emergency numbers, embassy locations, ATM locations and a map on hand upon much more useful information.