Studying in Venice

Studying in Venice
The Queen of the Adriatic

Studying Abroad in Venice: Bachelors, Masters, PhDs and Cooking Classes

Venice is one of those must-see cities in Italy, so why not extend your visit and study in Venice or take some great cooking classes.

Studying in Venice is like having a study experience in an open air museum: you leave the classroom of the University and lose yourself in the streets of Venice admiring magnificent historical buildings and stunning natural views. If you study in Venice, you can forget about traffic, smog. That’s for sure: students here move on foot, or at most by vaporetto. The beauty will be around you, you will discover hidden corners of the city: this means living in a city rich in art and history, still on a human scale, without cars.

Venice offers undergraduate, post graduate and cooking courses of all kinds. Reading StudentsVille's advice below, you would always be informed about all the best Universities, courses, masters in Venice. And you will also find the best cooking classes in town, you're spoilt for choice.

To experience Venice in a deeper way, by staying for an extended period of time or learning more about their food and culture, is important and an experience to not be missed. Why study abroad in Venice? Let's take a look to our  Venice Guide and if you need  check our Venice accommodations. 

Venice, because it is a main city in Italy and frequently visited, it is possible to get to other major cities very easily.

Venice Universities, Masters and Colleges

To study at a university of Venice or one of the colleges in Venice, Italy, is to experience something unlike anywhere else. In one of the most visited cities, beautiful with its winding streets and canals, you will become immersed in culture here. To study in Venice, Italy is to study in a major international center for education. Not only can you obtain your undergraduate degree here, but you can study in a university of Venice masters program.

Venice Cooking Schools 

If you are coming to Venice for a visit or an extended period of time, one thing many people like to do is to learn to cook in Venice. A bucket list point, perhaps. There are many Venice cooking classes to select from; choose to go the traditional Italian cooking route (think pasta and tiramisù) or find a cooking school - Venice, Italy - that will use the typical food in Venice to create the main Venetian dishes.


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